K. Glenn set to become a Tabbie

Ken Peters is reporting this today...

K. Glenn set to become a Tabbie I'm betting Kevin Glenn becomes a Tiger-Cat today (Groundhog Day). Cats are interested, the Blue Bombers have him up for grabs. The only thing to be negotiated is the price. The Bombers want Cedric Gagne-Marcoux in return. Fair price? To me it seems a bit steep for a guy who will be coming here as a backup. Failing that the Bombers might settle for draft picks and might seek the Cats first overal and the thrid pick that the Bombers gave up on the Moreno deal. Fair price? Well draft picks are dicey but we do know this is a really weak draft year so we'll see. Once the Glenn pact gets done all eyes on the C. Printers' front because he won't be here for long. Ken

I remember when Saskatchewan wanted Tim Cheatwood for Kevin Glenn and Hamilton said no.

And who says he would be coming here as a back-up? I think he could compete for a starters role.

His teams always make the playoffs - isn't that what we are striving for?

Kenny's blind guesswork 'aint a "report"

He 's just recycling a rumour that's been peddled by the Winnipeg Free Press for almost two weeks.

He doesnt know anymore of what's going on than anyone in here.

This BETTER just be the irrational ramblings of a slow news day and Peters' delusional "mind". No way in hell Glenn is worth Cedric. I'll go Saskatchewan on O'Billovich, 'cept that I'll hit the right house. :wink:

Has it been reported/confirmed by Marty York? :lol:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/No-news-not-good-news-Glenn-still-a-Bomber38774362.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 74362.html[/url]

You'll cover it with mosquito bites? :wink:

Oh... the Paul McCallum thing...

I posted this in another thread as well.

Winnipeg trades a second round pick for Leflors
Mike Kelly prefers him to Glenn, and Leflors makes 1/2 the money.

Tell me again why we should be trading 1st round picks???

It would be a shame to trade away Gagne-Marcoux unless we know we’re going to get some serious veteran help on the o-line. Cedric is the bright ray of hope for the o-line in the future. The play of the o-line dropped off immediately after he was hurt last year.


Lefors isnt the starting QB of anyone yet.
Kelly said he'll compete with Dinwiddie at camp
So far he's just another backup QB so half the money and what EDM got for him sounds about right.

I can't see them giving up Gagne-Marcoux for Glenn, he is just too valuable. Based on the performance of our draft picks over the past few years, I would have no problem giving up a pick for Glenn. We need help now not in a few years when draft picks are able to play.

If O'Bill trades Cedric for Glen, that will be even a bigger bonehead trade than his other one. Who in hell needs Glen. Trade Obie for Glen. We need D Linemen Obie.

I'm sure we could get a capable backup QB for a lot cheaper than what we'll pay for Kevin Glenn. This would be one trade I'd be very dissatisfied with.

Who's available that's better and cheaper than Glenn?

You don’t actually think we need Glenn, do you??

There going Cut Glen... offer then 3rd round Round and that it..

It's more of a question we could need Glenn.

As Porter is not established yet and IF Printers has to go there has to be a backup that's better than just having "potential" and a "good attitude".

If Porter craps out or gets hurt who's left? Wms.? Tafralis? Is there a realistic expectation either of them could carry the load?

Since the answer is no you have to go out and get the best available. Right now it appears to be Glenn.

Porter doesnt work out and there's nothing behind him? Kiss the year goodbye.

I think Williams is more than capable and if we could renegotiate CP's contract, I'd take him over Glenn any day.

I think Glenn is a great guy, but he's just not consistent enough and I don't think he's really an upgrade over what we have.

IMO, if Porter was more established and comfortable the team could stick with Wms.

At the best of times putting in your backup is a gamble. Right now Glenn is by far the lesser gamble than Wms. or Tafralis. There has to be a backup in here that's closest to being a real starter.

Glenn still isnt here yet and he wouldnt see the field unless there was a disaster .
I'd would prefer Printers to stay but it's all academic since, as of now, our QB is Quinton Porter.

Richie Williams has not done the job as a back-up ... plain and simple.

I feel more comfortable with Glenn as a back-up ... plain and simple.