K. Dickerson and D. Lewis....get ready to rumble.....

It is a must that Dickerson and Lewis have the games of their lives tomorrow night. Our DE's so far have been disappointing, to say the least. Dickerson and Lewis have the opportunity to show if they are capable of playing DE and providing an impact on this team. I cannot see Obie staying with the status quo if they can't get it done. Either fish or cut bait...boys. :cowboy:

Agree, other than Dickerson can play offense as well...not certain about Lewis' play at that position or his versatility. The point being its time to as you say "fish or cut bait" at that position. Charlton Keith being the first to go.

8) At this point I think Obie, along with our scouts have to take some heat for not recruiting some better talent for that D line !!!
Everyone should think twice before blaming Creehan for all our defensive problems.  He can only work with what he was given, and at this point so far, it hasn't been good enough !!!

I don't know what kind of idea this was starting Dickerson as a DE. So what, he played it in college. Obviously he wasn't good enough for the pros at that position. He is a total non factor on defense. I haven't seen him in the backfield at all and for a DE that's your whole purpose - pass rush.

Kori plays at 2nd-and-long situations, when they rush 3. He always seemed to get some pressure on the QB, and usually contains him as well. The sacks will come.