K.C Printers in an Argo uniform in 2007???

I have a good feeling that the Argos are going to make a good pitch in the off season to try and lure K.C Printers into Toronto. The main reason for this of course is Grey Cup Toronto 2007. You know the Argos will be making a real attempt to be there , and more importanly not to let the Ti-Cats be there.

many QB's have been coming back after a year or 2 down south to have good succsess. Example (Ricky Ray, Dave Dickenson). I think K.C would be a good fit in T.O , leaving Damon allen to be a great #2 guy.

...whatever happened to Bishop in the Argos plans... he looked like the only credible guy in the playoffs to me..... :wink:

What about Crouch?

the argos 1st choice is to be there themselvs…

argos second choice is to have the ticats there

why: cuz tons of ticat fans will buy tickets if the cats make the grey cup…just like the bombers woulda liked the riders to make the grey cup this year.

u always want your closest neighbour in the game if u cant be there yourself.

Printers goes to Toronto, then Bishop comes to Hamilton to compete with Maas for the starting job.

Hopefully Allen will be gone before Printers gets to TO, otherwise it's gonna be a cry baby fest.

first of all its Casey not K.C.

Second this guy is a legit dual threat QB.

Third Crouch is not the answer, this guy is not a QB, he played QB in a running offense at nebraska and struggled to pass for over 1000 yards. Being a heisman winning QB does not guarantee anything, just ask the numerous other QBs that have won the heisman and they didnt do anything in pro football. (JASON WHITE).

Bishop had a good run, but his time is well suited to be a reliable backup.

Toronto's Depth Chart in 2007 should be:

1- Casey Printers
2- Michael Bishop
3- Omar Jacobs (former steelers QB)

Offensive Coordinator - Danny Barrett

QBs Coach - Tracey Ham

So, everyone is assuming Casey P will not want to hang around on the practice squad for another year. Has he openly declared he will not accept that? The guy is still young. He could hang around on a practice squad and make a decent salary. If he is moved up to third QB on a roster, he will make the NFL minimum of about 300K US. If he hangs around as a third QB for 3-4 years, he will get an NFL pension.
He could still hang around the NFL for the money, and come back and be a star CFL QB and still be in his early thirties. I doubt he will be back in the CFL next year.

I may be wrong, but didn't Casey sign a 2-year guaranteed money contract with the Chiefs? If I'm correct isn't he under contract with the Chiefs for next season... In which case it is the Chiefs decision whether or not he comes back to the CFL in '07.

Casey's agent/uncle has slammed Wally bigtime in an interview with Marty York ....

[i][b]And here's the York Report appearing in Friday's editions of Metro:

He's the CFL's top coach, but Wally Buono is dishonest and silly, according to the uncle/agent of his former star quarterback. And that quarterback, Casey Printers, would never play for Buono again.

"He wouldn't even consider it," Jason Medlock told me Thursday. "Casey doesn't care for Wally." [/b][/i]


good, wally is a jerk, casey deserved better, how do you bench the 2004 CFL MOP in the grey cup? you've got to be crazy to pull that off.

Sounds like Medlock is pissed at Wally for not letting Casey on the field...and maybe a little pissed at himself for telling Casey not to sign that very lucrative contract that Wally offered him last year.

Sour grapes, IMO.


you forgot to read this:

And here's the York Report appearing in Friday's editions of Metro:
He's the CFL's top coach, but Wally Buono is dishonest and silly, according to the uncle/agent of his former star quarterback. And that quarterback, Casey Printers, would never play for Buono again.

"He wouldn't even consider it," Jason Medlock told me Thursday. "Casey doesn't care for Wally."

Weird, huh? It was only two years ago when Printers emerged under Buono as the CFL's premier player. Together, they led the Lions to the Grey Cup game against the Argonauts. Buono elected to start Dave Dickenson instead of Printers in that game, however, and it turns out the latter still has not forgiven the coach for what he perceived as a cold-hearted snub. Dickenson, who had missed most of the season with injuries, struggled against the Argos, and the Lions wound up losing. After the game, to thwart second-guessing, Buono said Printers couldn't start because his throwing elbow was sore.

"That was a lie," Medlock said as Buono prepared Dickenson and the Printers-less Lions for this season's Grey Cup date in Winnipeg. "Wally's a big liar. Casey wasn't hurt any more that day than he was all season. So, when the Lions lost, Casey was really pissed. He took it personally. "

Fences weren't exactly mended last Sunday, after Printers showed up to the Lions' home dome three hours before the the Western final against Saskatchewan. Medlock said Printers took time from his practice-roster duties with the Kansas City Chiefs to handle promotional deals in Vancouver. Because Medlock also represents B.C. players Dante Marsh, Aaron Hunt and Carl Kidd, as well as the Roughriders' Kenton Keith and Reggie Hunt, the agent and his nephew decided to drop by the stadium early and wish them well. Reports later on CBC's telecast suggested Printers was seeking attention and wished to stand on the B.C. sideline during the game but was banished to the stands so that he wouldn't be a distraction.

"We heard Wally said that," Medlock said. "Again, that was untrue. And it shows how silly Wally is. Casey never wanted to be on the sidelines. In fact, we planned to meet people at a restauraunt during the game and watched most of it on TV. When the CBC guys came on at halftime (Sean Millington, Greg Frers and Khari Jones), they said Casey wanted to showcase himself. How ridiculous. Khari Jones is as bad on TV as he was in the CFL.

"And why Wally wouldn't want to welcome his former MVP with open arms made no sense to me, but, again, Wally's silly."

As a practice-roster player in the NFL, Printers is free to jump to another team at any time -- and he knows the Argos are interested in him.

"Four CFL teams want Casey, including Toronto," Medlock said. "Who knows where he'll be next year?"

I know where he won't be — B.C.[/b]


Poor Casey Printers. Everyone is always out to get that poor guy. First its Buono and now its Khari Jones. He just can't get a break!

Casey Printers needs to ask himself what does he want more. Money, Fame or to just play football. Money he will get in the NFL for just sitting his ass on the practice roster. He is not going to get any fame in the NFL on the practice roster nor is he going to get any actual game playing time.

Casey Printers and his agent would be wise to negotiate a deal to play in Toronto. As an argo he will be in the largest market, can get big time endorsements, will always be on national TV, could become an icon in Canada's largest market, then if he choses, he could leave the city as Hero like doug flutie and parlay that into an NFL career later on. Printers has a golden opportunity right now maximize his potential and become a lights out player in the T DOT.

Medlock is an idiot. I'm sure the whole Casey / Wally / CBC / Khari thing would never have become an issue if Casey had a decent agent. Just read Medlock's language in the above article - he comes off like a 10 year old.

All sour grapes and bad advice on Medlock's part IMO.

It never fails to amaze me that whenever a player comes available there is always somebody at the centre of the universe that says he should be and Argo as if it is some preordained thing that everybody wants to go to Toronto. Why not create the All Toronto Football League that way Toronto can have all the players and they won't have to worry about the fact that Toronto is not a very good sports city. The largest population base in the country barely supports CFL football.

Medlock is just trying to keep Casey's name in the papers. If Casey hadn't come to Vancouver last weekend, by TC next year, he would have been forgotten.

CASEY belongs in the T DOT, he is the franchise and will lead us to the promised land, he could easily have 5,000 yards passing, 1000 yards rushing rushing, multiple MVPs, tons of endorsements, and plenty of grey cup ring bling.