Jyles !

Jyles deserves the start vs SK, he playwd well tonight, not his fault he had the worst reciever in the history of the CFL to throw too ! Buck won't be 100 % for Labour day any way ! Hopefully Bowman is good at something else ?

Those were 2 horrible drops. I wouldn't be surprised if Jyles starts. I guess we'll have to wait to see.

What did you think of Brink? Even though he went 1 for 5 I thought he looked okay. Overthrew one that I'm sure he wishes he could have back but he made some pretty good reads.

Brink was ok...I've always been impressed with how calm and cool he looks in the pocket. Doesn't panic. He's worth developing.

You forgot Edwards had one as well !

He doesn’t have the accuracy Pierce has on the deep routes; Jyles needs to work on that. It doesn’t help when his receivers are eating fried chicken on the sidelines.

......fried chicken.....AND poutine....Bowman forgot to wipe his fingers off , before he went in,but i did see him wave his hands at our bench saying.....'see guys i finally found the napkins'...This joker has to improve or he has to hit the road :thdn: Jyles was just eating chicken :roll:

LOL. At least three times last night Jyles had no trouble finding his receivers on the deep ball. They, however, had massive trouble making simple catches.

Nothing wrong with Jyles's deep ball. Receiver hands, though...

Buck won't be 100 % for labour day and things didn't work out last time he came back to early !

Did Jyles get hurt last night or was it a mercy pull? He got nailed on a sack and then didn't come back - the announcers talked about an injury, but it was Forde, so that could really mean anything....

He got his bell rung on a sack, so LaPo pulled him for a few plays and gave Brink some playing time. Jyles did return later in the game, though IIRC.

He is being further evaluated today, thankfully we have a bye week ! Or it would be Alex Brink possibly starting in SK :cry:

Didn't forget it. You only mentioned Bowman in your post which is what I was responding too.

Seem Jyles is nursing bruised ribs . Buck declared himself healthy, we saw how that turned out last time he declared himself healthy ! May see Brink if Jyles and Pierce can't go or get reinjured in Regina ! Wouldn't be the worse thing to see what Brink can do ?

Sorry to but in here guys but have you ever thought about Kerry Joseph? He's available, in shape and inexpensive.

We had Bishop last year, it would be more of the same ! Pierce and Jyles are not out for the year ! Brink knows the offence and he would be the guy if those two can't go ! It looks like Buck may get the start !

...Does anyone remember a year when there have been sooooooo many key injuries.....ouch...You could start another roster with the walking wounded..It looks like it was a sound move, when Mack did a deal with the cats, for the rights to Brink...He'll come in mighty handy IF Buck gets nicked again...I liked Brinks poise in the little bit we've seen him....Now if he comes up lame , there better be an investigation :roll:

Jyles should start without question man... My opinion and most my friends, is that Jyles is better then Pierce. Jyles should be the guy throughout the next couple of season... Winnipeg can't just keep switching QB's without giving them much chance.

Buck Pierce won the job in training camp and is the better QB ! Jyles is still young and hopefully is learning from Buck ! Buck was playing very well untill the injury ! Jyles has rib issues and may not be 100%, and Buck looks like he will get the start !

At this point in time, Pierce gives the team the best chance to win ... when he's healthy. We all saw what rushing him back to action prematurely did last time. The catch is that now Jyles is also not at 100% (bruised ribs from a big hit in the Montreal game?) so the question becomes: who's less injured? Because you seriously do not want to go into the Sask game with a completely untested Alex Brink as your starter if you can help it.

It honestly may not matter who we start as QB in to SK ? The big game for WPG is the return match at home. That is a must win !