....Jyles ???????

....Seems Bomber brass is having a tough time landing this guy...???????? Rumour has it Jyles wants to be GUARANTEED the starting position :thdn: ....I say let him stay in Regina if he doesn't want to come in here and compete for the job....He was NOT a starter anywhere else to warrant any type of guarantee...For all we know a seasoned qb. could become available in a couple of weeks.....Pierce/....although he has suffered from key injuries could fill the bill...It would be taking a chance but i like that better than the guarantee scenario...The way the qb. situation exists in the Peg as of now.....EVERY qb. should get a fair shot.....otherwise why have them signed ....Best man wins , i say..... :thup:

I say that as well papa, couldnt agree more

however, i didnt get the "gaurantee" so much as he wants a fair shot, wanting to know the status of Mike Bishop

If we dont land him i wont be to disapointed... pretty excited to see what Santos can do this year in tc. ditto Lefors in a real Offence and healthy

Plus, Jyles kinda looks like a younger version of the bish himself to me... Maybe he has the potential to get the cereberal part down.... but maybe not

I agree, if that is in fact what he wants, let him stay #2 behind Durant or sign elsewhere, no big loss for a QB who's stats are no where near "good" more INTS than TDS, he is on a high horse if he expects a guaranteed starting position anywhere in the CFL, if this in fact true what he said he must still think that Kelly is our coach .. LOL .. or Lapolice would be willing to accommodate that request (Highly Unlikely unless he wants to start a riot in the Peg). I said before i am happy with LeFors, Bishop, Bramlet, Santos and Dimichele, why take any of there chances to start away? Looks like Jyles will remain #2 in Sask unless someone else wants his services (maybe Toronto can guarantee him a starting job)

He's probably pretty happy in Sask, and therefore only wants to change if it's a definite improvement. For any free agent, going to Winnipeg presents a bit of a risk at the moment.

What Jyles is asking makes sense and Lapolice not being able to promise him that also makes sense. Otherwise hej's repeating Kelly's biggest mistake.

imo, jyles is not a starting qb. Honestly, if you look at his numbers, they arent overly impressive. We dont need another third string quarterback who has tried to be number 1 and failed. what we need is a guy who never really had a chance to be a number 1 guy yet and we need to go with him. Honestly right now, id be content and fine with santos,dimichele,(lefors/bishop). in that order also or whoever plays best in pre-season between Santos and Dimichele. Yes Khari was a third stringer, YES, glenn was also but at the same time, how many grey cups did former 3rd string qb's from other teams win us? just sayin.

im lookin at this qb situation this way...

is it ok if jyles,bishop,(insert veteran qb here) gets us a 7-11 record or an 8-10 record... NO? cuz honestly with these guys thats about as good as its gonna get.

is it ok if santos,dimichele goes 7-11 or 8-10.. YUP. cuz atleast we these guys they are gonna probably get better.

IMO, Take Santos, Take Dimichele, MAKE THEM 1 AND 2, OR 1A 1B... have bishop or lefors (whoever wants to be the veteran leader)(my moneys on bishop)(seems to be a team guy,something mr jyles is not) be the mentor to these young kids. If they struggle, put bishop in, throw some deep passes to bowman... u might have a spark. I dunno. just my opinion.

Good points killer, I can't really argue.

With young guys like Santos and DiMichele, what do the Bombers want with Jyles anyway? His numbers aren't anything to get excited over, and from the few times we've seen him actually play, he hasn't been overly impressive. When Crandell was released and then Durant went down 2 seasons back in Saskatchewan, he tried to take the reins, and failed to the extent that the Riders went and brought in Bishop.

I'd be concerned if the new regime brought Jyles in with the idea (guarantee?) that he's going to be the starter.

Bringing in a guy who was a former Edmonton backup with a less than impressive resume and basically giving him the starter's job has happened before hasnt' it? Oh yes. . . Stefan LeFors. . .

I take no issue with the opinions about Jyles’ ability, or whether or how he may (or may not) fit with the Bombers.

But, if there is an impression out there that he’s somehow not a team guy, that’s a misconception. In his time here, there’s never been a hint or a word from Jyles that was negative, or me-first. He and Durant have a good relationship with each other, and he always got along with coach Miller (and clearly with LaPo, as he wants to bring him in). As a “team guy” Jyles won’t be a problem.

....wish him the best arte.... signing with the Bombers is imminent...according to the latest free press release...It's probably a done deal.....Welcome aboard Mr. Jyles....i hope you stuff the Riders on Labour Day ....Durant... Jyles dual.....i can see it all now.. :wink: I hope he can cary the load.. :roll:

So, according to board rules, I now have to tell you he's awful except for throwing picks and fumbling, right?

It's funnny - this board has just spent the whole day justifying why they don't need/want him, and now that he's coming, the fawning will begin.

But I wish him the best 16 weeks of the year. And I hope one of our remaining kids steps up and distinguishes himself as a player, as we now need a #2.

....now wouldn't it be unprofessional not to welcome him aboard......OF COURSE...everyone is going to start looking at his good points....he's almost in bluengold... :wink: ..I know he has a good arm....and can run...but so can a few of our guys from last year.....He'll have a lot to prove....knowing LaPolice and Baressi and vice/versa will give him an edge...We'll see..

I'm not fawning. IF he signs I'll welcome him to the team but I'm not going to fawn over him until he earns it.

I agree Santos and/or Dimichele wil be good in the CFL, time will only tell, i think Santos is ready to be a #2 or #3 guy already, one more year as a backup and under a better offesive system is just what the doctor ordered for these two QBS (Santos and Dimichele) they wil be respected under Lapolice and there opportunity will come sooner than later. Jyles will be a solid QB under the right offense, if he makes wise decisions. Bishop should be brought back to be a mentor to Jyles Santos and Dimichele (who will prbably be put on PR) who knows but seems now that LeFors is the odd man out, but again Lapolice isn't high in Bish and he may be the odd man out. We shall soon see!! Jyles adds a great deal of talent to the training camp roster and unless someone is released soon (Bramlet) we are looking at a solid group of QBS in Bishop, Jyles,Santos, Dimichele and LeFors and the i am confident that LaPO will make the righ decisions!!

Bishop isn't coming back.

Might you be correct this time?

Or is this another "Milanovich will be announced as the Bombers' head coach" or "Milanovich won't turn down the offer from Winnipeg" kind of prediction-stated-as-fact ?

Why anyone would want Bishop as a mentor or teacher is beyond me. He has been described, by a number of football people, to have good skills but a little empty in the upstairs department. Why would you want a teacher like that? What could he possibly teach them, when he can't even figure it out for himself? You don't have his turnover numbers and collapses by being a smart quarterback. It would be like bringing in someone who can't add, to teach math.


But mind you, now that Kavis Reid is there, it might be a good fit after all. :lol:

I don't know, he was smart enough to realize that Kelly wasn't running a CFL offence. He and Matsakis almost salvaged the season for the club. Has he earned another shot ? I would say at least an invite to camp, but that will be up to the new guys to decide.

AWESOME news about my guy Jyles finally becoming a starting QB. I have been following Steven since his high school days. I met Steven at High School, was best friends with his now wife Ashley. Do not understand why its taken this long for him to be given a starting job? The guy broke every passing record there was and most if not all of them still stand today. From my understanding he really has nobody standing in his way, Bramlet, Demichelle, Lfores thats it right ? I followed him on riderfans.com the last few years, but he really saw little action, so we are pretty excited about his chances this year.

Here`s a bit of his college bio for anybody that is unfamiliar

College: Louisiana-Monroe
Born: Sept. 25, 1982–Independence, LA
Height: 6’0 Weight: 203
Esks: 2nd years CFL: 2nd years
Games played: 18 Career: 18

College/Personal: Steven Jyles left ULM with his name next to every passing record in school history. Jyles was named the Sun Belt Conference’s Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year, while being selected to the first-team All-Sun Belt squad. Steven led the league in total offense and became the league’s all-time leading passer and total offense leader. Jyles was also named MVP of the Magnolia Gridiron All-Star Game. Jyles majored in Construction and won the Preston Juvenal Award as ULM’s outstanding freshman scholar-athlete. He attended Glen Oaks High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He and his wife, Ashley, were married in May 2006.