Jyles to start

Jyles will get the start Saturday. I was kind of hoping to see Darian get another shot, I hope he is the back up. This game is going to decide a lot. Hopefully Jyles can protect the ball and get the job done.


Wouldn't have been my choice but bring him on and let's get behind him!!

I don't like this decision but I hope Jyles surprises everyone!

Frickin joke.......He must of gotten the nod because of his wheels........

I guess the coaching staff overlooked the terrible pick for a TD, and the HORRIBLE way he telegraphs his throws ( he caused Cates too get leveled at the knees from one such play ).

Remember , it's easier coming in off the bench after watching a defenses schemes for almost a entire half of ball........even if it was the Cats.

Lets not forget Congi and his two key field goals in the 4th.........

I thought Durant deserved another shot but maybe he took one too many shots at management.
Justified or unjustified
I would be surprised if Durant played another down...not agreeing with it only the way I see it.
lets hope I am wrong.

Methinks you're right and also hope you are wrong. But life will go on either way. Never know, the opening that it might create might just be for the diamond in the rough next year, the one we've been waiting for since Austin.

Lol, I heard it on the bus coming home from school and flipped out! I personally would start Durant again, he seems like a guy who can learn from his mistakes and stuff. I'm not saying that Jyles can't, but Jyles stares down his receivers , so you know where he is going to throw the ball before he throws it. One positive though is he is fast, so maybe he'll use his feet to get some big yards. I hope he does good and wins, but I don't like the decision at all!

With the possibility that our old receivers will be back from broekn legs hopefully Jyles can get something going with the offence. I just hope the way he telegraphs his passes doesn't put those guys back on the sidelines. :frowning:

I think everyone agrees with you..the problem is a lot of fans me included think Durant played his last game as a RIder
baring injuries. One thing I see about TIllman is he does not want his players airing dirty laundry through the media... Hello Fred Perry...Hello Jason Armstead...meet Darian Durant.

Durant is done as a Rider. It looks like it's Jyles and Bishop the rest of the way.

I've always believed in sidelining a struggling QB for a few plays , let him regroup and adjust to what the defense is showing......But this is getting plain silly and verging on ludicrous.
Look at the teams on top of their game Calgary, Montreal, now add Edmonton and BC, these teams have got it together offensively because of the chemistry developed between QB and receiver. This can only be achieved from repeated game play as a group...........4 starting QB's in one season is unheard of for a good reason.....................

I hope i’m wrong but this will bite them in the ass this week, Jyles will not play the entire game he will be under lots of pressure, Durant will for sure be back in the game hopefully not when its to late, Coaching staff needs to decide now who they are going with in the playoff run, maybe they are going with Jyles :roll: :roll:

I don't think they will play Durant if Jyles does poorly. Bishop will go back in and probably start in the playoffs. This choice can only mean Miller/Tillman don't like Durant. It's not normal for a coach to give a QB his first start in this big of a game this late in the season. This decision is really confusing, there has got to be something to this that we don't know about.

Ken Miller has not done a good job handling his QBs all year. It started with the bizarre alternating QBs in the 2nd half of the exhibition season, and continues to be a roller coaster ride with two games left in the season. I wish Jyles a ton of success, but this is another in what has been a mystifying year for QBs in Riderville.
Aside from the picks on Sunday, Durant moved the ball better than any QB this year. The guy hasn't played in 3 months--pulling him was an error, though thank god Jyles did barely enough to get us a win. Bishop was a disaster, and Jyles remains a huge question mark. Durant gives us the best chance to win at this time, so putting Jyles in seems dubious at best.

I guess Durant's 3 picks, two of them in the end zone are mulligans? If Durant gives us the best chance to win, then the Riders are in huge trouble. I will agree that the QB situation has been a head scratcher this year. Miller wanted Bishop, so Tillman traded for him, and all of a sudden he is your third string? Miller has pick one and say to the fans, this is our guy-- any success or failure will fall on my shoulders. After a 6-0 start this team is now 4-6... the QBs were great because the team was in the first six games. Now, the Riders are mired in mediocrity and the QBs havent even played up to an average level. Its time for one of these guys, be it Bishop, Jyles or Durant to step up and prove that they deserve to guide us the rest of the way. It seems that the Riders are doing what they always do.. trade for a starter but never develop our own QB.

Of course they aren't mulligans. But if guys like Burris, or Lancaster had been yanked from a game and then demoted to back-up after throwing a few picks, no one would remember either guy. He moved the ball. Every drive in the first half. I know with Bishop we weren't used to that. But you let the kid play. Of course he will make a few mistakes. So will Jyles this week if he starts. Do we yank him if he throws a few picks? I hope Bell is warming up....
You can't determine if Durant is the guy based on 25 minutes of football. Bishop had years of mediocre play, as did Crandell, but we were going to bet the farm on those old news QBs, but a young kid makes a few bad decisions in one half of football and we are going to discard him?
But you appear correct in your last comment.

I'm going to just say it, it's a stupid decision to bump Durant to 3rd stringer. Jyles looked good, and sometimes you'll fool a team by putting someone in there they haven't seen, but Jyles was with the Eskies for 2 years, they know his weaknesses.

I hate to say it, but we won't make it past the first round of the playoffs. We need some continuinity, especially at the quarterback position. Durant should have been named the man after he returned from being injured but for some reaason we decided to lose 4 of 5 with Bishop at the helm. We lost our first round bye, and injuries plain and simply aren't an excuse especially with the amount of turnovers we have had in the past couple of games.

What a friggin joke this organization is!!

I am sorry Miller is a tool of a coach, the only players he is willing to ride with are aged vets. I don't know what his problem with Durant is but its pretty obvious that there is one at this point.

What team in their right mind is playing musical chairs at QB with 2 weeks to go???

I hope Miller is gone next year, what a bone head! Don't care if he wins us the cup in the playoffs he has made nothing but horrid personnel and play calling over the last 2 months.

Cripes I can read Jyles eyes from the TV........... if its that easy to see exactly where he is going to throw the ball from my perspective I would imagine Edm DBs are drooling over this move! Rightfully so. Bish will be in before the game is out.

Here we come cross-over, he we come loss to Wpg in Wpg and a first round exit.

Hopefully Bell is ready for next year, I don't know if I can handle going into the season with Bishop as the starter.

Edit: just read that Durant has been bumped to 3rd string, wth is the problem with Miller does he have that little confidence in his personel that the situation is that bad, that in 2 weeks he has twice demoted his starter to 3rd string? What is wrong with this guy???

Yeah, that tool has us at 10 and 6. What a louse. Seems that the latest from Durant himself is class personified - right behind Jyles. Too bad a lot of fans can't seem to be behind whoever the coach selects like Durant and Bishop are ... and they're the ones who are riding the bench, not the couches.