Jyles to get start against Als

Looks like Dunnigan was right, the Bombers brought Pierce back too early.


....yikes....who's Jykes....did we sign another qb. :lol: ...I guess Buck was being Buck....hurt and he still wanted to play.....I think LaPolice should have kept him out a few weeks longer,,,,,now he has no choice....Yup Matty was right ....Jyles is coming into his own... however he's going to have to be at his best in Montreal, to keep things respectable :roll:

Stephen Jykes is actually Steven Jyles semi-identical twin.

Hard to believe that Buck wants to play hurt. He really doesn’t this too long about his current and long term health. That’s why he’s not still here. I agree about Jykes, he is developing nicely and likely is the future QB in Winterpeg.

Damn K key getting in the way...

A good move... I feel Jyles has been better than Pierce so far, and is more durable. IMO, Jyles in on the cusp of becoming the starter in Winnipeg... wether Pierce is healthy or not..

I'm still waiting to hear from all the Bomber fans who jumped down my throat at the start of the season for daring to suggest that Pierce's health was an area of concern until proven otherwise. :lol:

Anyhow, having Jyles in changes nothing for my Als. Jyles has looked quite good over the past few weeks, he's mobile, and he can throw the deep ball. Given our secondary's tendency to get called for PI, we'll have to be disciplined in our coverage, and our D-line will have to maintain proper gap control on the pass rush.

'Course, if we can avoid giving up two kick return TDs this week, it will help a lot. :wink:

how many games has he missed now? 4?

Three full games, and then about half of last week’s game. And this Thursday’s game will be another one missed.

We may get lynched yet :wink:

That's just not going to happen Discipline. From what little I have seen on here I say the Bomber fans beat the Rider fans for the sorest and worst losers when they are just plain flat defeated or wrong.

You can't confuse them with the facts at any point you see.

For the ugliest home crowd panoramic shot of the two however, it's still a dead heat the best I can tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the majority of the Bomber fans understood the risks of signing Pierce . Every team has supporters that are a bit out to lunch on most threads. You and dsciplineandpunish have just proved that :lol:

Lemon 5 Pierce 1

Maybe you were not here in the offseason?

Good to see you are a Bomber fan with some reason, but out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your brethren is more like it when you read those numerous threads and definitely the Bomber (and SK) fora that I avoid with good reason. :stuck_out_tongue: