Jyles Starting next week

wouldve just posted this in the bucks injury thread, but i think the jyles topic should open lots of discussion as well

from the bombers official facebook:

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/article/injury-update-on-quarterback-buck-pierce]http://www.bluebombers.com/article/inju ... uck-pierce[/url]

sounds like pierce will be ok, but they have already said jyles will be starting against edmonton. i wish buck a speedy recovery and hope he isnt out too long

and good luck mr jyles against your old team, think he can pull one out?

It's against Edmonton, of course he can do it :lol:

helps that its at home but i hope the vultures dont call for his head or start booing him after an incomplete pass.

After 5 years in the league it’s probably time to see if he has what it takes.

I’m not optimistic but it’s not like we have a choice.

Good luck to him and hopefully he seizes the opportunity.

He wasn't awful in limited time with us last year. A good arm, mobile. He made some mistakes, and will make some this weekend - can't be helped when you've played so little.

What we don't yet know is whether he has a head for the game. If he does, he'll improve quickly. If not, well....

Maybe it`s time to swallow pride and put a call in to Michael Bishop?

KJ worked with LaPo too, and according to his tweets is keeping himself in shape.

Please, are you MB2010 with a new name? we don't need Bishop

Jyles will be fine, he moved the ball against the cats very well and if he makes smart decisions and reads Jyles will be just fine, Buck will be back in 2-3 weeks, now is the time to see what Jyles can do, after all he is only rated as a backup QB at best, now he has alot to prove and it starts against the esks.

......Can Jyles get it done on sat????.........I say he has a break-out game and gives the esks. a reason to make some major changes :wink: ...We're definitely not going to play like we did in the hammer....you can bet on that..orrrrr there will be some changes in the Peg.....A few key defenders should be back...I believe it could be the running game that could make the difference...Ray can be 'hurried' by our defensive ends and seeing how his receivers are letting him down..a continuance of their 'bumbling' ways, could spell trouble for Hall and his gang.....I have a suggestion for the Bomber receivers (Edwards excluded).....PLEEEEASE...find out what Stella, Gretzlaf and Dressler have on their hands...it works wonders with regard to holding on to the ball .... along with a better running game,could mean the difference in this one :wink:

Jyles is more reliable than Pierce IMO.
Not frequently injured, he can also scramble, he takes what is given instead of trying to go deep every play.
And let's not forget there was a time when he was deemed the better starter over Durant and people were shocked and confused when they started Durant over Jyles.

Jyles over Pierce any day

How can you say that? He's hardly played. . . can't form a judgment at this point.

Again, because he's hardly played.

From what little I've seen of him so far, I'd grant you that one.

I can't forget that. . . because I never knew it. When was he considered superior to Durant? When were Rider fans "shocked and confused"? Jyles, to my recollection, only started one game as a Rider, and was yanked at half time because they were losing. I think you're engaging in a little revisionist history here. . . But I stand to be corrected.

Not for me. Pierce, when healthy, has proven that he is a quality CFL starter. Jyles hasn't proven a thing yet.

You obviously don't remember the battle a couple years back do you?Jyles and Durant fighting for the starting job, each getting starts here and there and everyone thought Jyles was a shoe in to win the job and they ended up going with Durant and everyone was surprised?

Correct. . . I don’t remember that at all. LIke I said, I believe Jyles only got ONE start (and not “starts here and there”), and was pulled at halftime because they were losing. It’s not just my recollection either, here’s a source that confirms he’s only had one start in his five year career, it was on 25 October 2008, he went 7 of 13 for 99 yards, one TD and 2 INTS, and was benched at halftime:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/bombers-come-up-a-buck-short----qb-on-the-shelf-98729399.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 29399.html[/url]

And I sure don’t remember “everyone” being surprised that Durant won the job. . . again, as I said earlier, I stand to be corrected.

In 2008, Jyles and DD battled for the #2 job behind Crandell. Despite what many considered to be a better showing by DD in camp and in pre-season, Jyles opened the season as the #2.

In this role, Jyles was the first to step in for Crandell in Week 2(?) or 3, I can't recall...whatever, it was in BC. Jyles was bad, and got yanked at the half in favour of DD, who, largely on the back of Cates, got the win. DD then started the next week in Hamilton, and 2 more after that, winning them all before getting hurt in his 4th start. Many fans felt Jyles, by virtue of coming in the Perry trade, was given the first chance at the #2, even in the face of a better performance by DD.

Jyles did start once in 2008 in that weird QB carousel Kenny put us on in late 2008. He did not do well.

2009 camp had basically an open competition at QB, and DD won the job. Jyles was #2, and thought by many to be decent in that role. He played a quarter or so in Calgary and did okay. The rest of his work in 2009 was either short yardage plays (which he was generally horrible at) or garbage time.

Interesting. . . Artie's take is more akin to mine. But if I were on the fence on this, whose word would I accept as being authoritative regarding Jyles' time in Saskatchewan. . . a Rider fan who lives in Saskatchewan, or a Ticat fan who lives in Hamilton?

That's a no-brainer.

Thanks, MJ. And to be clear, I'm not slagging Jyles, that's basically what happened. In fact, from the fans' perspective, Jyles was always held in less favour than DD for three reasons: (i) that sense that he was "given" the #2 spot in 2008, and (ii) his aforementioned poor short yardage play, and (iii) it was a bad throw from Jyles that resulted in that awful fracture Flick suffered. Rightly or wrongly, many blamed that injury on Jyles, and never forgave him.

......Last week (to bring things more to the present) i thought Jyles didn;t do too badly....Notched a td. and looked more comfortable in the pivot spot than i remember him previously....He is an excellent runner...He has a good arm....IF he can put those attributes together and at the same time be more cerebral on the field , we have a decent qb....He was hired out of riderland to be the starter (no matter what others might try to sell you)...He was definitely ahead of any we had on our roster at the time (excluding LeFors, whose future was tentative at best) So lets see what he has when it's all on the line...LaPo has a lot of confidence in Jyles..after-all he's Pauls man...Will it be the turning point in Jyles career????It could be....he does have the tools but he has to prove himself....A golden opportunity sat. to silence his critics orrrrrrr a time to see what Brink can do :roll: ...I say Jyles takes advantage of his shot and makes the most of it....We'll see..GOBIGBLUE :thup:

I think that's about right. It will be interesting.

I think Jyles will surprise a few people. He's been learning in this league for 5 years and typically QB's in this league perform a lot better after time as a back-up. He has a good arm and can run with the ball. He can't do it by himself so he needs the rest of the offense to have a good game as well.