Jyles signing imminent

....according to the free press a little while ago.....Jyles will be a Bomber forthwith... :roll: :roll: Let's see what he can do at t.c. before throwing any barbs.....Welcome aboard.. :thup:

Another shoe will drop shortly thereafter. . . you CAN have too many QBs in camp. . . with too many, none of them get enough reps to make a proper assessment. So look for one or two of those already on tap to be released/traded away.

I don't object to bringing him in, LaPolice sure knows what he's getting and I'll trust him to know if the guy's worth it or not. But please, don't pull a Kelly and just anoint him as the starter. Let ALL the QBs have equal chances to win the job and may the best man win.

…I hope he has to prove himself before being annointed…that’s for sure…We’ve seen that picture before…He does have a good arm…can run …is young…we’ll see…T.C. is going to be very interesting :wink:…You are right about someone being released…I would say that’s not far off…

It better be not far off, give the guy a chance to catch on somewhere else. If you go into training camp with Jyles, Lefors, Bishop, Santos, Bramlet, and DiMichele, that's just too many. My guess is that Bramlet will be let go for sure, and probably one other released or traded.

I'd be very surprised if Bramlet is back. DiMichelle is in negotiations to return and Santos is coming to Winnipeg in March to meet with LaPolice (according to the QB coach Ricky works out with in the off-season). Bishop should be there unless another veteran QB is brought in. I know it was reported that Baressi was intrigued with LeFors after watching tape of him in Edmonton. I think LeFors would be odd man out before Bishop is.

...i'm surprised Bramlet hasn't been released already.....AND i think the writing is on the wall for Mr. Bishop :wink: Santos was high on LaPolices praises awhile ago....he won't be going anywhere...LeFors will get a shot ....and they might hang on to DiMichael.....UNLESS ...we sign Bucky as well :roll: :roll: :lol:

The Bombers should chop Bramlet and bring all the other guys to camp. May the best man win.

I would rather see Jyles here to compete with Santos, Dimichele, LeFors and Bishop ( i hope) over bringing in Joseph, this is a great mix of talent and many teams may be in for a surprise in 2010, 5 QBs in camp in usually the norm, but chances are Bramlet won't be brought back and LeFors or Bish may get the boot, we need at least on for a veteren presence and Bishop played way more downs than LeFors, but who knows .... We look promising at QB and keeping a LeFors for moral support and could step in when needed under a better offensive system than Kelly's of last year, LeFors may surprise alot of people, same said fo Santos, Jyles, Dimichele and Bishop (in a full training camp) ... it will be a great battle, i think this is positive news for the bomber nation!!

I really like Jyles and defintely believe he will amp up the competition at the Bomber's TC.Will he win the starting job?Who knows.

You consider a guy with 9 career starts to be a veteran presence? Jyles and LeFors have been in the league for the same number of years and have less than 12 starts between them. IMO neither is a veteran presence.

I wonder if this is the end of the road for Mike Bishop ?

You can bet the Argos will be getting a QB out of BC's stable.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Bishop/Joseph swap, with Bish backing up whoever the Argos get from BC.

Based on some of the coaching signings Lapo has made, he wants to surround himself with familiar faces and would love Joseph to mentor the likes of Jyles and Lefors.

Just a wild stab in the dark.

Barker said he will have an announcement regarding the QB situation "in short order" so they probably know where they are going. My guess is they will release or renegotiate Joseph and add Pierce. Just a stab in the dark too.