Jyles may or may not start Sat.?

Jyles did not practice today as he has a nerve issue with his shoulder...


Although he says he will be ready for the game..we shall see..
(I think he's just terrified of our front four) :smiley:

Maybe he doesn’t want to become asphalt this weekend.
Records and Argos will be broken.

Jyles is an upgrade on the arblows offence for sure but the real threat of their offence is Cory Boyd.
Stop Boyd and you stop the arblows.
This will give an opportunity for our front 7 to shine!!!!
I would expect Boyd to get 25 carries.

And also contain Owens on returns. Deny them field position, make them play the entire field, and give them the opportunity to make mistakes. Worked with Lulu, it should work with Jyles.

Actually, lulu Lemon didn't make many mistakes...And that may have been his downfall (huh?)

What I mean, is that he played far too tight and conservative for the Canadian game, and hence did not utilize the offense efficiently.

Lemon couldn't shake the American pivot system, although he would make a splendid backup somewhere. (had a 92 passer rating this year-not bad at all)

Cory Boyd wrote on his twitter account that he is aiming to get 200 yards this week. Already two Arblows are talking trash. Hope we score 60 points this week.

I hope I get 200 yards this week too, but that ain't gonna happen either. Lots of yapping coming from the basement. Looks like I'll have to mock another blue teamer on twitter tonight. :lol:

Are you listening to this crap Ti-Cat Defense? Lets put the hurt on the Argos this game since "The Center of the Universe" clearly has no class.