Jyles, Lemon, Bell, Dorsey and Brannagan. Who Goes?

Well you have 6 QB's on your roster (the 6th being Matt Grothe) so after training camp and the pre-season, how do you see your team's depth chart? I believe with 6 Quarterbacks 2 are gone for sure possible 3. Here's how I see your depth chart.

  1. Steven Jyles
  2. Cleo Lemon
  3. Dalton Bell

Practice Roster:



To start the season i think your spot on Saskfan… although #2 & 3 could switch during the year.

As for PR spots, didn’t the league pass a rule saying that Non-Import QB’s wouldn’t count against a PR spot? If that’s the case then i give the Spot to Brannigan for 2 reasons.

1 - Barker’s no slouch, and he could use that excemption as a way to carry another import.
2 - Again Barker’s no slouch, and beleives in investing in his players, he probably has no problem holding onto a 23yo qb to let him develope.

It’s the starter that’s the big question mark. It’s aparent, once Barker picks his man, that’s his spot to lose for the rest of the year. With the coluntary workouts this year, jyles has a chance to really step up infront of lemon and Bell

Dorsey is suppose to have retired to take up coaching.

If Bell is not traded, I believe it will be Jyles Bell with Grothe and Brannagan alternating as the 3rd guy. Lemon is not the #1 guy now with Jyles coming in, so its obvious they will go with the cheaper and younger player in Bell as the back up.

There's talk of Pat White being considered, but I can't see him being anymore than a 3rd string challenge to either Grothe or Brannagan this year. Don't know if he wants to start at the bottom and work up though with his 2 plus million already collected from the Dolphins. I guess it depends on how bad he still wants to play football. I guess $50,000 a year is enough to live on and not draw on the money in the bank, and if he can eventually move up in a couple of years to 1st string he could make probably 6 times that. I don't see it happening though.

It would be fun to see pat white up in the double blue. with the recent activities it looks like brannigan will be spending another year on the P.R. But if nothing else, this year we could have three canadian QBs on rosters across the league.

With Jyles not throwing due to a sore shoulder, the longer this goes on the more worried I become.
Maybe Trafalis and Zebransky should be on the coaches speed dial?

Update Matt Grothe was cut on May 27.

On another note notice the Argos signed Gerald Riggs. Didn't realize he was still playing football. His dad was great. Think he has had a few battles with injuries. maybe boyd's back-up?

Trafalis is already signed in the UFL. . . don't know where Zabransky is, but from what I saw of him last season, I am not convinced that he'd be an upgrade over what the Argos already have in camp.

Did not Dorsey "retire" some time ago? I read a few weeks ago that Dorsey was down here in Florida helping Cam Newton in off-season workouts:

[url=http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-nfl-headlines/156649-panthers-qb-cam-newton-workout-ken-dorsey.html]http://gridironfans.com/forums/latest-n ... orsey.html[/url]

If Jyles stays hurt, of course Lemon will be the starter for sure.

Lemon knows Barker's fine system well, so as I have stated repeatedly let's see if Lemon can keep his head for more than a game at a time to not screw it seriously all up again.


On another note notice the Argos signed Gerald Riggs. Didn't realize he was still playing football.
Apparently as I did not know this is Gerald Riggs, JUNIOR, the son of the Gerald Riggs most of us knew with the Redskins in the NFL. Riggs, Junior is only 27 going on 28. It sounds to me like he'll be good for at least one 2-year deal.

Here's all I could find on Wikipedia after some serious initial confusion:


Note that Riggs, Jr. never played an NFL down and has limited pro experience altogether. We'll see.

Riggs, Jr. has the "big-back disease" of sorts at 230 pounds as somehow makes all but less than a dozen such big backs since 1970 fall short of any status as at least a feature NFL back. Only about half of these have been stars too. Riggs, Jr. has almost the same physical spec's as did his father in his NFL playing days too.

Folks can argue forever if his father was a feature back or not on which I say no though it is close:

[url=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RiggGe00.htm?redir]http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... .htm?redir[/url]

Riggs Jr. is listed at 5'11 216. The Argos are deep at RB with Cory Boyd 6'1 220 backed up by Dwayne Wright 6'0 230 out of Fresno St. and Chad Kackert 5'08 201 (he looked bigger) out of New Hampshire. Jim Barker appears to like a big back for his tailback position.
They must have liked Riggs potential as they put him on the suspended list instead of cutting him, while his knee injury heals. CFL teams quite often just cut players that get injured in training camp. With Riggs being on the suspended list the Argos can retain his rights and bring him back any time down the road.