Jyles In Bishop Out

Bishop doesn't have the brains to play tiddly winks. No way by any stretch of imagination, in any context does he ever begin to compare to Kurt. You cant play QB in NFL if you dont have any brain cells.

as for following you around, say what? Are you paranoid or something? I dont even make that many posts anymore, and I responded to your post without care as to whose it was. What makes you think you so special anyhow. sheesh.

He's funny that way.

Wow! FootbalYouBet. “Bishop doesn’t have the brains to play tiddly winks”. Sez You.
Pot calling kettle black.Sez I.

Lets forget about Bishop as runner up in the… Heisman.

  1. In 14 games Bishop threw for 3034 yards. 6th overall. On a totally dysfunctional offense,where 3 (?) starting receivers were moved, as in c’ya.

  2. There seems LESS experienced backup QB’s available for that Grey Cup run . I expect to see MORE of Bishop,

do you know how many Heisman winners have not gone on to have much of a career in any league, let alone runner ups?

You think 6th out of 8 teams is a good thing?

3000 yards is not that great, even in just 14 games, and who knows how much of that was yac yards.

Doesnt matter just throwing for lots of yards, you have to be able to manage the game to get the win. Make the right reads and choices at the right time. Bishop sucks at that. Without a number one defense, he doesnt get it done, no matter the stats.

I sure am glad he is not going to be on my team.

Agreed. Comparing Bishop to Warner is pure nonsense. They both played in the Arena league and they play QB. There. Done. No other comparisons. Warner plays the game with heart and passion. Bishop with nonchalance. Warner is a winner, bishop is a loser.
Lets take a look shall we:
Kurt Warner
Arena League
-3 Seasons, 2 Arena bowl appearances 2 first team all stars
2nd year in league, League and Super Bowl MVP.
Was part of the record for the most passing yards in a season by a team (he was hurt some of the season)
Went to the super bowl two more times (I think)

* Highest completion percentage in a single game (regular season) - 92.3% (24/26) (9/20/09) [35] * Most Yards Passing, Super Bowl (Game) - 414 yards vs. Tennessee Titans (only QB to pass for 400+ yards in the Super Bowl; also owns 2nd and 3rd highest yardage total in Super Bowl with 377 against the Pittsburgh Steelers and 365 against the New England Patriots).[36][37] * Most yards passing, Super Bowl (Career) - 1,156 * Most yards passing, Playoffs (Single Season) - 1,147 (in 2009). * Most touchdown passes in a single postseason - 11 (in 2009, tied w/Joe Montana, who did it in 1990). * One of only 2 quarterbacks to complete 80% of his passes in two playoff games (tied with Peyton Manning)[38] * Highest rate of games w/300+ yards passing (min. 100 games played) - 41.9% (52/124)[39] * Most Yards Passing in the first two games of a season (2000) - 827[40] * Most consecutive games w/300+ yards passing - 6 (tied w/ Steve Young and Rich Gannon)[41] * Most games with a perfect Passer Rating, Career (regular season only) - 3 (tied w/Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger)[42] * Only NFL quarterback to throw 40 touchdowns and win a Super Bowl in the same season (1999). * Only quarterback to throw for over 14,000 yards with two different teams (St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals) * One of only 2 players in NFL history to throw 100 touchdown passes with two different teams (Fran Tarkenton is the other) * Tied Dan Marino as the fastest player to pass for 30,000 yards. He accomplished this in 114 games. * Fastest player to pass for 10,000 yards[43] * Tied Johnny Unitas with 4 consecutive games with a passer rating over 120 (2009) * Highest average passing yards per game on Monday Night Football - 329.4 (min 7 games) * Tied Daryle Lamonica with throwing 5 touchdown passes in two different playoff games. * Warner is the second quarterback to make Super Bowl starts with two different teams joining Craig Morton (1970 Dallas Cowboys and 1977 Denver Broncos). He also became the third quarterback in NFL history to win a conference championship with two different teams, following Craig Morton and Earl Morrall. * Warner is the only starting quarterback in the history of the NFL to win 3 NFC Championship games in a dome stadium in two different cities. In 1999, hosted in St. Louis against Tampa Bay, Rams win 11-6. In 2001, hosted in St. Louis against Philadelphia, Rams win 29-24, and 2008 hosted in Phoenix against Philadelphia, Cardinals win 32-25.

Warner also retired ranking second in several categories:

* 2nd Highest Average Passing Yards Per Game, Career (Min. 100 games) - 260.4 yards/game (Peyton Manning is first)[44]
* 2nd Highest career completion percentage, playoffs - 66.5 (Drew Brees is first)
* 2nd oldest quarterback to throw for 30 touchdowns in a season - Aged 37 in 2008 (Brett Favre is the oldest, aged 40 in 2009)</blockquote>

Micheal Bishop has done absolutely nothing compared to that.
When he was in arena league he was a rusher, he led the league in rushing yds, attempts, yds/carry, and tds a mean feat no doubt, but remember this is a QB that you want to compare to one of the best passing QBs ever.
Here in the CFL he has never done anything of note except the 11-1 as a starter one year as an argo, which really had little to do with him, and more to do with a defence that dominated.
And to say that Bish would do well in the NFL as a pocket passer. He hasn't done that well in any of the pro leagues he has been in. Like a lot of people he is someone who had a great college career, rode that for awhile and then rode his pure athletic talent, which no one has ever denied him having, to a pretty lengthy career as a QB. The guy has to hang his cleats up.

Bishop out,like thats a real surprise.

I think Jyles has the edge,because if the Police use Sask’s playbook,who will know it better?

As far as a backup with CFL playing time,it not going to happen,good or bad the BB’s need to stick with what they got now.Once the old guys leave in Mon/Cal and ED,and it likely be sooner then later,who takes over for them with CFL ex,Winnipeg and Sask could have the best QB’s in the CFL if they stick with it,after all is said and done.

dont count out Porter as a possible for the next generation best MOP QB

I'll agree to that,but they still have Glenn throwing the ball around,and it will help Porter.I guess I was looking at things with Sask and Wpg not having anyone with real ex helping out the younger QB's.

Yeah, you really can't use the Heisman as an indicator. I seem to remember an Ohio QB winning it. What was his name? Troy something... He was selected in like fifth round of the NFL draft, and I've yet to see him do anything in that league. And if I remember correctly, Tim Tebow has won it twice, and everyone and his cousin expects him to be a bust.

Troy Smith, you're thinking about. He is back up in Baltimore, actually looked go there. But was hurt, then Flacco (1st rounder) came in and has lead them to playoffs. I think Smith could be a starter in the NFL one day.

The Heisman is no way an indicator, some winners have great careers, others good careers, and some don't have any careers.

re_FYB_"Bishop doesn't have the brains to play tiddly winks. No way by any stretch of imagination, in any context does he ever begin to compare to Kurt. You cant play QB in NFL if you dont have any brain cells. "
Warner was in the right place at the right time, Coaching had everything to do with with his success,Bishop has the strongest arm in football, better suited to the NFL run first offences,and pocket passing,not good at improvization Bishop is smart enough to execute an offence, He just needs a coach smart enough to play to his physical strengths and limitations IMHO

Bishop played with one of the smartest coaches in football history Bill Belichick.

Yes, he lost out to Tom Brady, just saying that Bishop has better skill set,s for the NFL than the CFL.

Really? Some of the zone blitzes the Eagles and Steelers run - he'd never be able to make those pres-snap reads and adjust the protection and routes.

Actually he lost out to Damon Huard. Bishop may have better skills for the NFL type of game, but isn't a top 100 QB. If the NFL was like baseball and had a minor league system he would be a decent Triple A QB.

As person I like Bishop, but as an Argo season ticket holder I do not want him playing QB for the Toronto Argonauts 2010

sure he would,depending on his O.C., IMO Bishop,s problem is lack of finesse for the Canadian game!finesse: Definition, Synonyms from Answers.com
finesse ( ) n. Refinement and delicacy of performance, execution, or artisanship. Skillful, subtle handling of a situation; tactful, diplomatic

So he lacks the finesse for the Canadian game, but has enough for the American one?? Your logic eludes me.

You still haven't shown how Warner and Bishop compare at all other than they both played in the Arena league.

True the CFL would be further ahead by developing CIS qb,s :rockin: imo..as for nfl potential_ just comparing Bish to Warner

What OC do you have in mind? Because to this point, no OC has even managed to get him to quit throwing into triple coverage, let alone have him successfully deduce which 5 of the 8 men jumping around the line of scrimmage are actually rushing, and which are dropping off. That, plus he doesn't throw it where he aims it, which is an even bigger problem in the NFL, as the windows there are far smaller than the CFL.

He has the arm strength of an NFL QB, but no other attributes necessary for the position.

Agreed!! :rockin: The CIS part. I would love to see a four team league like the UFL where Canadian kids after university can play. Based out of the Maritimes would be great. Two CFL each sponsor one team. to keep the costs down.