Jyles In Bishop Out

Durant started games for the Riders in 2008 and won most, if not all the games before getting hurt, the riders didnt have enough faith in Durant and brought in Bishop.
they made Durant their starter in '09, because they saw what he could do based on his play in '08.

what has Jyles shown that makes the bombers think they can pin all thier hopes and dreams on him?

As I wrote February 21,2010,-Argos cut three players- I think that Buck Pierce will be traded to the Argos,from BC, or release by BC and sign by the Argos.

Given the health of Buck Pierce-concussions- I would not be surprised if Michael Bishop "lands’ in Toronto; he is a good back-up and an “insurance” if Pierce is or when he is hurt. The last time the Argos had a winning season was in 2007 and thanks to Bishop.

If the Argos sign one or 2 of these QB’s, they will be better than Winnipeg at this position. If Winnipeg goes into the season with only Lefors,Jyles,Santos and DiMichelle the 2010 will be long; I could be wrong and I hope so for their fans, but we won’t know before 7 or 8 months. Lefors and Jyles have proven nothing in the past years and are not number 1 QB’s,at least to me.

Like I said,I could be wrong and only time will tell. Some will disagree with me,but I won’t comment further; would be futile,since none of us know the future; this is what I think today. In due time, I will admit if I was wrong.



More thanks to their defence, I'd suggest.

.....You have to feel sorry for a guy like Bish......He's a great guy in the locker room.....his arm is renowned....BUT he is not what you call a cerebral qb......He forces the ball when he shouldn't...and when dbs. pick-up on that, they just sit and wait on the hurried pass ...result predictable...Bad decisions cost Bishop many a good opportunity with a few teams...I hope he catches on with someone else as a back-up.....cuz Michael is never going to be a great starter...

...Jyles has a lot of potential..... and has A LOT to prove to win the the no 1 spot in the Peg....The current coaching staff ,who have worked with Jyles the last couple of years, must see something to hinge their future on him...LaPolice is NOT going to put a lot of pressure on him or throw him to the wolves like Kelly did with LeFors..... Jyles has got a great ooportunity and we'll see what he's made of at tc....I got a hunch we might be pleasantly surprised :wink:

I don't know the answer to that. . . but they haven't pinned all their hopes and dreams on him anyway. . . he has not been named the starter. . . he'll have to earn that role.

-Bishop has NOT been to a training camp since 2007.
Emergency Mid season airlifts by a desperate Riders and Bombers teams does not count.

-As of now, Winnipeg has NO #1 QB, strange Bishop is not given the opportunity to at least compete at TC for depth.

exactly....why didnt the argos and bombers invite KJ and Bishop to thier respective camps?

if they lose out the number 1 spot, then keep them as a back-up for the first 4 games...if the new number 1 shows he can carry the team, then cut KJ and Bishop.

cutting bishop is a no brainer, pun intended.

cutting Joseph at this point is very questionable.

anyone taking a chance on Pierce needs to check into gamblers annonymous.

Jackson hopefully isnt going anywhere.

Where is Ritchie Williams?

:lol: That's awesome!

Why is everyone freaking out about "unproven" QBs? Personally, I applaud both teams for going with unproven QBs. I've been saying for a while now that we need some new blood at QB in this league. I'm sick and tired of recycling the same tired guys, especially guys like Bishop. He just needs to go away. The guy is a sorry excuse for an athlete. I can't fathom why any team would want this guy.

Only an Eskimo fan would enjoy seeing OTHER teams go with unproven talent at QB......eh, Chief Lord.....lol

this seems this season for the bombers is starting off like the last one, as far as qb's go.

Um… OK. :expressionless: To be honest, if we didn’t have Ricky Ray, I’d be willing to give this Zabransky kid a try. No way in hell would I want DM to call up Bishop.

Good grief Chief Lord. I was hoping the irony was obvious........sigh. Guess my career in comedy is done.

Ironic but Bish would do well in the NFL as a Pocket passer, he doesnt have the finessse to throw on the run, but the right play set with a running attack. Bish,s years in the CFL and Arena league would make him comparable to Kurt Warner.?

I hope and again that we have not seen the last of Bish.

At second glance, I get what you're saying. :oops: Serves me right for trying to rush through posts.

did you really type that with a straight face???

For a guy who basically got up off his couch, Bishop did better than most folks thought he would last season, and he does deserve a big thank you for that. But, he's cut, so move on.

Very strange though when you think about it. Over the last 10 years, the Bombers really only had Khari and Glenn. Both those guys were starters in Winnipeg for about 5 years each. Yet, during all that time, Winnipeg couldn't develop a second QB behind either of them. At some point you pay for that, just like they are now.

and now kahari and glen are both in Hamilton.

Oh its you :roll: following me around the forum again? Read the post in context _Ironic but Bish would do well in the NFL as a Pocket passer, he doesnt have the finessse to throw on the run, but the right play set with a running attack. Bish,s years in the CFL and Arena league would make him comparable to Kurt Warner.?