Jyles In Bishop Out

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-sign-qb-jyles-release-bishop]http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-sign- ... ase-bishop[/url]

This is too bad, the Bombers did the completely reasonable thing to do. I guess those two wins for the Riders in the centre of the schedule might have to be hard fought this year :wink:

I like how there is no comment associated with the release of Bishop, just a straight release. Kind of an "I don't know what the heck the last regime was doing having this guy here" statement.

Well, being an HR guy, there is nothing more satisfying in terminating a guy you just don't like for whatever reason, than getting a shot at terminating him a SECOND time when you join the new company, and he just happens to work there too! :smiley:

Actually happened to me, I canned a guy for stealing freight off a truck, I took a new job with another company, he worked there, I canned him again on day one at my new job! This was AFTER he lost a wrongful dismissal case against me from the previous company! You should have seen his face when he came into my new office! Lol! I bet Bishop had that look when he learned LaPolice was the new head man!

I suspect LaPolice and Bishop never could work together, even though LaPo was the OC, I'm sure he had the say since it was his offense.

Sooooooo, just saying, that since Argoland has no QB's, and therefore no depth (literally), Jackson/Pierce wind up in T.O., any chance Bishop might land there too? :lol:

I think I would rather have no qb and play wildcat all day than have Bishop again. No thanks from one Argo fan!

no chance.

but i do think the bombers made a mistake letting bishop go.

as bad as he is, he is capable of getting them to the playoffs in a weak eastern division.
Jyles is unproven and if he tanks, who do they go to???? Lefors?...lol

i woulda kept Bishop as a Plan B.

i dont like the Argos and Bombers putting all thier faith in unproven QBs.

I wouldn't call the East weak. . . the Als are the Grey Cup champs and went 15-3 last season; Hamilton was vastly improved last season and look to be even more improved this coming season. Yes, Toronto is weak. . .

For the Bombers though they've got 4 QBs (I'm discounting Bramlet) in LeFors, Santos, DiMichele, and Jyles. . . one of them might step up this year and be 2010's Darian Durant. More upside that way than sticking with Bishop I'd say.

the East is weak ( after the champs you have a 9-9 team then 2 garbage teams ), when the bombers can beat up on the QB-less argos for 4 easy wins getting you half the wins you need to make the playoffs....

Bishop coulda won the Bombers 4 games agaisnt teams not from Toronto and gotten them in the playoffs....im not sure i can say that about Jyles...heck, who knows if Jyles can beat the argos 4 times?

As an Argos fan I always liked Bishop, and hope they bring him back now with Joseph gone. Let him compete for a starting gig with someone else.

I can understand why people are so frustrated by him, but when he's on his game, he's one of the most difficult to stop. I remember a game at the end of the season a couple of years ago when the Argos were in Saskatchewan, and the winds were insane. Didn't stop Bishop from having one of his best games of his career. Also I remember the comeback game against Winnipeg in the playoffs, when he came in for an ineffective Allen and won the game on a bomb to Bruce and a late touchdown pass to Sowerd.

He's so inconsistent but man, it's hard to keep such a physically gifted athlete off the field.

My thoughts exactly!

Uh, pretty sure Bishop single-handily torpedoed Winnipeg's chances of making the playoffs last season. All the Bombers had to do was beat Hamilton at home, and he fell apart in spectacular fashion!

I'll take a bunch of unknowns over him any day of the week!!!

I am with you jk, I would sign Bish asap and bring him in to compete for the job.

I don't think it's the end of the line for Bishop really. He'll catch on with some team and who knows, maybe the Argos again.

If he does catch on somewhere else, I think we can safely say that team's GM is a mosachist...

That's why I don't want Bishop, the guy has one of the best cannons in football. But can't read a defense to save his life. Too many mistakes, too many drive killing INTs, I would rather develop a young QB than have MB on our team. No to Michael Bishop!!

true, but he was the reason they had a shot at the playoffs to begin with.
Lefors wasn't gonna get them 8 wins.

They call that high risk, high reward.
I love that from a QB, unlike Joseph.

For the Argos Between 2002-2005, he completed 206-of-446 passes for 3,192 yards, 17 touchdowns and 32 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 53.2. This is why I don't want Bishop. If bishop was 25 sure give him another chance to compete but he is 33, I hope some tells him the AFL is back in business.

And on top of that, he has this really annoying habit of laying a big egg when it matters most; playoff game vs. Winnipeg when he was an Argo and was the starter; playoff game against BC when he was a Rider, and that last game of last season when he was a Bomber.

He's a great athlete, no question! Has a great arm, no question! can come off the bench and throw some bombs. But unless Barker's play book is the Tecmo bowl play book, I would not want Bishop as my starting QB.

I well recall some good quotes about Bishop; Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun once referred to his physical attributes and then said “he has everything except a clue”. . . then when he was traded to Saskatchewan, Simmons questioned if the Riders were going to print their playbook in crayon. . . then there’s our own disciplineandpunish, who once described Bishop, as I recall, “million dollar arm with a ten cent brain”.

last season, the bombers start unproven QB, LeFors. they have a terrible 1-3 start to the season. fans complained and management paniced so they called veteren Bishop to come and fix the mess...he gets them 1 game short of a playoff berth.
...had Bishop started the season, and had 18 games, they probably would have made the playoffs

this season the Bombers are starting unproven QB, Jyles. they will have another terrible start to the season. fans will complain and management will panic. they will call veteren Kerry Joseph to fix the mess. ending to the story to be determined by how soon they realize they need experience at the QB position.

Clip and Save.

Jyles hasn't been announced as the starter. . .wait for training camp. LaPolice in the press release merely said he adds depth at the QB position. . .

Your prediction may come true. . . but equally well it may not. . . going into last season Durant was an uproven QB, and he got the Riders to the Grey Cup. . . you never know, one of Winnipeg's QBs may step up and become 2010's Durant.