Jyles - i/r nine gamed

.....Gee....I wonder who won that trade :lol: ...Mack you ol fox....Muamba and Etienne looking better everytime out... :thup: while Jyles is convalescent...Guess a few of those posts on the main page, saying the Bombers didn't do well in the deal :lol: should at the very least be re-thought :lol: :lol:

We tried to tell the naysayers that Jyles' injury was a huge question mark but they didn't listen. Instead we had insults hurled at us and our management. I doubt many will admit they were wrong when they claimed the trade was a steal for the Argos.

Obviously Mack knows what he is doing. I was questioning why the Argos did not want to have Jyles take a physical just like the Al's did Lambinjo. Oh well better for us.

He was examined by their doctors. At the time they felt his rehab was on schedule and he would be ready for TC. The Argos thought the risk was worth it and considering the number of picks they had in the 2010 draft (final total 7 including a one in the first round) that if things didn't work out it wasn't a huge loss for them.

I loved Jyles last year, and was not happy when he was traded, but I really didn’t think his injury would be this bad.

Plus, we got my favourite player in the CIS last year with the #4 overall pick. I know some didn’t like the reach for Etienne, but he’s real good, he’s only 21, and I think he’s going to be something special. I think we’re all starting to see what he can do now, it’s night and day from the start of camp until now. I may have been the only Bomber fan genuinely happy to hear Etienne was the pick - totally unexpected.

I’m starting to like Elliott more and more, too. So yeah, I’ll admit it, I was wrong about the trade of Jyles… and I couldn’t be happier about it.

doubt Etienne will start this year, and I'm willing to bet Jyles will start at least 1 game this year.
So that considered, how did Winnipeg win the trade?

trade you Aaron Hargreaves for every draft pick you have for the next five years? After all, Hargreaves will start at least 1 game this year, and none of those draft picks will..

Jyles was supposedly going to be ready for training camp, now he's on the 9-game, who knows how much longer he'll be. it isn't a good sign if he keeps getting pushed back. then, even when he is healthy for Jyles to get a chance to start this year, the Argos will have to lose faith in Lemon (or have him get hurt), and even then, he has to beat out Bell which isn't a given if he's been recovering from his injury for a year..

please tell me you aren't seriously going to judge a trade for a DRAFT PICK on THIS SEASON..

we won't know for sure who won this trade for a while. but Etienne is improving a ton and looks real good, while Jyles is still sitting on the IR with an injury most people didn't think was this serious. so yeah, it doesn't look too bad.

...I actually hope Jyles gets to play this season...It affects the status of our 2013 pic we received in the trade....I think we've already won it aaaaand it can only get better with the playing time that iron-man Jyles gets.. :lol:

At this point Mack comes up smelling like roses. . . later, who knows, but at this point Barker traded assets (in the form of draft picks) for what is damaged goods.

At least when Montreal traded for Labinjo, they made it conditional on his health. .. he didn't pass muster, and the trade was voided. Barker wasn't as smart as Popp. . . he gave up assets for damaged goods.

At this point Winnipeg wins hands down.

theres a possibility that we may not see jiles take a snap ever for the argos. especially if cleo and dalton get better and better. if nothing else, he was going to want a large salary from the bombers. so to get two canadians at a lower price then one american... thats a great trade no matter what!

the Argos got the player they wanted in the first round of the draft anyways
with all the picks they got it was easy to give away a pick for a guy who could and still potentially can become the starting QB for the team.

…good-luck with that :lol: :lol:

jyles is a 30 year old backup american qb who honestly wouldnt do any better than lemon... he's really just a younger version..etienne is a 21 year old canadian receiver with huge upside.. so how did toronto win that trade? we got a young canadian receiver.. u got a 30 year old backup american qb who may or may not ever recover from his injury.. ppl talk about buck pierce being injury prone.. id bet anything one smack to jyles shoulder and he's done.

I like Jyles and hope he gets healthy and starts for Toronto. That being said, there is no question in my mind that Winnipeg got the better end of this deal. :cowboy: