Jyles gone...someone new steps up at QB


if Harrell didn't wanna play in the CFL, why couldn't he have said this to someone in the RIders Organization BEFORE they signed him????

like what the hell?

I think that might be more likely. He believes that he's ready to step in as a starter, and wants to go to Toronto to be assured some playing time ( odds that their opening day starter is still the starter for game 18 are slim-to-nil )

I heard that as well, which, if true wouldn't make sense if we released him instead of trading him for one of the nine draft picks Toronto already has?

Granted if he wanted to stay in the CFL, he would have a better shot in T.O. of getting playtime than here. I doubt this is the case though, I suspect he is either going to hang up the cleats and coach or try a different path to the NFL. Or is a loyal, loyal, somewhat oblivious, friend who got mad when he found out his buddy is being cut, and tried a "you release him, you release both of us" tactic in order to keep Eric on board.

Who knows.

All hail Cole Bergquist! I was rooting for you all along! :wink:

Well, now we are down to three............my spidey senses says KJ is going to get a phone call tomorrow.

If true, can you imagine what Dalton Bell is thinking???? "Man, I friggin HATE this guy, what did I ever do to him? He keeps following me and challenging me for my spot!!!" :lol:

I don't believe he's going to TO or any other CFL team. If TO was interested in him and he wanted to be there the Argos and the Riders would have worked out a trade. This just isn't the way it would be handled IMO.


We now have a left-hander as our 3rd string QB. Who do we think we are, Winnipeg?

On a more serious note, it will be interesting to see what the team does to replace what could have been our #2 guy on opening day. Not only is the individual decision interesting in its own right, it will shed some light on the mindset of the new Rider administration.

In the Tillman era, he would as likely as not pull the trigger on a trade for a QB presently on another roster (Eric loved to trade)....

Taman seems to favour the veteran free agent route.

Shivers would have brought in a couple kids he liked and stuck it out with them come hell or high water.

In the Ford era we would have just bemoaned the unfairness of it all, and then done nothing until somebody cut a QB and brought him in.

....what are you prepared to give Popp and the Als. for McPherson?????........Taman is probably cueing up someone and some of your draft-pics as we speak :lol:

I dunno. What's the Als O-line depth like? We've got about 14 under contract.

Unless a glaring hole appears, Popp isn't trading McPherson though. AC may want to play 3-5 more years, but wanting to don't make it so.

Ryan Dinwiddie, Todd Ressing...

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Former+Bombers+quarterback+Ryan+Dinwiddie+would+jump+chance+play+Riders/2954195/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Former ... story.html[/url]

I really hope it's Reesing. I'm not sure what the logic is with Dinwiddie, I haven't seen anything from him in the CFL that impresses me. Problem is, Berry thinks the world of him. Is it just me, or is the 2010 Riders starting to look like the 2007 Bombers? Dinwiddie hasn't the experience to take the role, I mean sure he has some game time, but if we are looking for a vet, shouldn't we be looking at KJ, a former Rider who played last year, unlike Dinwiddie who has been out? Having said that, if it's narrowed down to Reesing and Dinwiddie, go to Reesing. Nothing like fresh blood.

In Winnipeg, both Taman and Berry must have seen potential in Dinwiddie ,and now that we've lost two of our own prodigies It wouldn't surprise me to see Dinwiddie in Green.

Even so,I'd ALSO Bring in the vet KJ for worst case scenario (ONLY), and let the others develop for 2010.

If you can get Reesing up here, do it - he looks like he's got some potential. I'd prefer KJ over Dinwiddie, but that could be jus comfort of the known vs. the unknown. But I think the positives in terms of relationship between DD and KJ are also beneficial. For a year, to allow us to get one of these other kids coached up, I'd do it.

Dinwiddie was just on the radio saying he was "just happy to be with the organization". Words like that says this is a done deal........

this is a mistake. Regardless of what happened or did not happen in Wpg. There is better/younger out there for our #2. Reesing would have been a great QB to develop. I'm not even saying KJ, but given KJ/Dinwiddie, isn't KJ the better option? What exactly, has Dinwiddie ever done or accomplished in this league? Any given he's had all of 2009 off, he's going to have more rust than a Ford Maverick!

We may as well sign Tom Canada now.

I have naive belief that we are STILL in need of exp. at QB if DD goes down for any significant length of time.

IMO KJ has little chance of catching on anywhere else, he’s probably well aware his days are numbered, and being backup on a serious cup contender with playoff bonuses- is a pretty good gig for 2010.

Taman has covered the bases extremely well bringing in experience and depth where needed, IMO, we’re not done at the QB position yet.

Well that settles it. The Roughriders must sign Kerry Joseph top back up Darian Durant.

How many more of these Blue Bombers are we going to bring in ? Just because they are Tamman’s boys doesnt mean they are any good. The Bombers were not very good last year and havent been for a while. Are we supposed to wave blue pom poms with our Rider sweaters this year ? Tamman is starting to worry me .

It happens with every regime. Shivers brings in Burris, Eddie Davis, Travis Moore and probably more that I can't remember. ET goes and gets a whack of his guys like DJ Flick....I'm not sure why, but we were Hamilton East in 2007, and they were coming off a 1 win season IIRC.

Now Taman looks to guys he recruited. Count how many old Riders are in Winnipeg now.

It's the same in every league, in every sport.

Ryan Dinwiddie hardly makes me comfortable as an experienced backup. How was he as a back up with Winnipeg? The answer speaks for itself. Granted he had one good game against Calgary in 2008. But he hardly provides insurance at the QB position. He hasn't played in a very long time and he has never consistently been good.