Jyles gone...someone new steps up at QB

With Jyles gone to Winnipeg, it will be good to see which of the guys can step up to #2 on the depth chart. I bet Bell, Harrell and Berquist relish the chance. I'm looking forward to see which one rises to the top.

I am not sure that Jyles was expendable. It took me a while, but I am sold on Jyles. I think he is a solid back up. His incredible speed hints at an unseen talent to scramble extremely well.

Jyles steppred in many times and performed well when needed (I am not speaking of the short yardage situations that many have expressed their dislike for). Jyles just might be a star in the CFL in a very short period of time.

He was improving in his decision making and I found it great that Jyles and Durant both were at similar times in their careers and were learning the QB art together. I am sure they developed a great bond.

I think we should have signed Jyles, but with him being a free agent and wanting a starting role, it would be difficult to justify paying a high price for him. Oh well, show us what you got newbies!

jyles got a 100,000/yr contract from the bombers but i suppose thought his chances of starting here are better than they were in sask. good luck to the kids in sask if durant goes down tho.

For the riders sake, i hope durant stays healthy, dont think berquist or harrell are ready to be honest. Just it takes time and these guys havent completed a pass.

You and I are probably the only two Roughrider fans who saw potential in Jyles. Apart from the occasional problems with hanging onto the ball in the QB sneak, he did as you say, play very well for those few times he was used. If the poor guy read some of the posts the rocket scientists were posting about him over on the Riderfans website, I would have signed for anyone else but the Riders for a dollar just to get out of town. The criticism of him was unfair and I think fans were wrongly blaming him for D.J. Flick's injury two years ago and were totally unforgiving of him for that.

I think the Bumber fans will be happy with him when he gets his chance to play.

Looking forward to the preseason to see what Harrell and Berquist can do. It'll be a good competition for #2. I think Harrell will get it.

Well said.
Labour Day 2010 and Banjo Bowl 2010 will be wild . . . again.
Go Riders!

With Durant establishing himself in 2009, it is time to groom a "future" starter. With Berquist and Harrell younger than Darian, they won't be pressed into active duty UNLESS the injury bug plagues us again. We are probably in the best shape for a stable of QB's since the Austin/Burgess era. Go get 'em boys in 2010.

I haven't seen either of our back-ups in game play, so I don't know if we are the best as far as QBs go.
But yer dariderfan, so I will trust you.

both my dad and i were pretty keen with jyles here.. he's a very competent and good qb, with some grooming he'll be pretty darn good.

however, im SOOOOO looking forward to graham harrel, i'm damn near positive this guy will suit the green and white suit. just check him out on youtube and you'll be impressed, or at least breathing a sigh of relief.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHqPn-LEMDY its crap quality, but he's used to shotgun from TTU, so i think he'll step up just fine when needed. I'm looking for him to edge berquist for the #2

i like harrell too, beleive the bombers had him on his neg list but quite frankly a youtube video doesnt mean anything… its basically a highlight video… they dont show when he messes up or throws ints or anything.

the one thing i will say about harrell that may be against him succeeding is the fact that most qb’s who came out of texas tech or wherever he’s from, has failed miserably in the pros because well texas tech runs a very very qb friendly offense and not alot of teams in the pros do. they say thats a huge knock against these qb’s. I guess my question is… if the guy is as good as people say he is, why didnt he even get drafted or signed as an undrafted FA with an NFL team? But then again, just cuz the nfl doesnt draft the guy doesnt mean he sucks. Just means maybe he’s not suited for the NFL… is he suited for the CFL? time will tell i guess.

The NFL, for the most part, is a crap shoot when it comes to quarterbacks. For every Payton Manning (who was drafted AFTER Ryan Leaf), there is a Ryan Leaf. It is a crapshoot in the NFL and the scouts and teams tend to look more at what fits their prototype as opposed to what makes a good QB. Harrell could be great or could be a failure but the school he came from doesn't matter as much as the system he heads into in the pros. And the Rider system seems very well suited for his skills.

Peyton was drafted before Ryan Leaf for the record.

thats just it though, i believe he will suit the offence and what the offence needs out of a quarterback... when his time to step up comes... granted in TTech, he had a guy by the name of michael crabtree to dump the ball off too.. .but here in green we've got fantuz, and a plethora of other sure handed wr's.. not to mention TTech ran shotgun alot... which not all college qb's get sufficient practice at...

boom or bust whatever i'm excited to see him play...

Well it won't be Harrell stepping up this year.....

Our Saviour is gone!!!!! Oh woe is me........ :wink: Wonder if this is because Graham wants to stay on at his college gig, rather than ability-based.

Something's brewing in Riderville. Could it be time to dust off the KJ jerseys? Or now that the 'Peggers are in love with Buck, will they trade us Jyles back to dump some salary?

Questions, questions, questions.....

WTF????????? WHAT???? What's happening here? What is Taman's plan? Did Graham choose a different career path?

More questions than answers. This make NO sense unless Harrell decided not to play in the CFL. If so, thanks for telling the brass this now in Mid-April instead of Early December.

:x :x :x :x :x :thdn: :thdn:

On the bright side, at least this gives us something to talk about on our board. It's been dreadfully dull for a month or more.

I can't find anything, I have no sources, but I would bet he wants to play in the UFL for better NFL exposure, maybe try as a free agent. Miller twittered that he didn't want to play in Sask. Probably more like he doesn't want to play in the CFL.

Funny though his good buddy Eric Morris from Texas Tech also got released. Something is amiss here.

Well, Morris is a no-brainer. We're not exactly running low on either short receivers or mediocre returners. By adding Dorsey as a returner and Rodriguez as a WR, and with Quinn also better than him, there was no place for him here anyway.

I'm hearing he prefers to try his luck with the Argos...