Jyles/Durrant= Bankhead/Dickens

I'm really hoping Jyles starts next week because they are by far the worst qb's to enter this league since Bankhead and his buddy.


Bankhead and Dicken were the STANDARD for futility in a tandem.

Sample exchange:

Lancaster: Hit the receiver!

Dicken: That was a receiver?

Lancaster: Yes, he is in white. We are wearing white tonight.

Bankhead: But the lady in the second row he just hit, her hair is white…

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Bad Memory,

That lady in the second row better bring her a game if Jyles starts next week lol.

Let's not get too cocky. We've been beaten by worse...

Actually I don't recall us ever being beaten by worse. We actually beat Jyles last year.

Isnt Crandell starting?

or is his inujury keeping him out?

I agree.,,
Rocky 'whats his name', he beat us twice and then we traded 2 Starters(Smith and Flick) for a him,a third string quarteback.. :roll:
where is Rocky now?

Rocky looks like Dan Marino compared to Jyles, plus our secondary is light years ahead of where it was the last 2 years.

For 2 games only!! :lol:
again... where is Rocky now???

Win one game and now we're Grey Cup bound.

Sounds like Leafland to me.

co-sign. Lets go back to when we thought we would lose every game and hope somehow we can pull out a win against an injured team.

Before we know it we would then be 2-1.

Somehow you get Grey Cup bound out of a thread about how bad Jyles and Durrant are?

What about Maas/Chang?

Brady/Eakin might be a more fair comparison though I doubt either of them would like being compared to an AFL2 QB but nevertheless…

Yes, backup QBs have come in here and lit us up in recent times but does anybody still think the Cats aren’t better? No Grey Cup pep rallies no parade route planning just yet.
But play lights out one week and go back to sucking?

I dont think we’re that team anymore.

True, Maas and Chang were not much better then Jyles and Durant.

we've also been beaten in recent seasons by jason gesser, kevin feterik (twice) and brad banks. we've got no reason to gloat ...

I have to agree with Zontar....we aren't "that team" anymore that we have been for the past several years. These guys have tasted what it is to win (and more crucially, over the Argo's!).
While I'm not suggesting that we are Grey Cup Material just yet, but we will "contend" in this League.

So cocky and yet 1 and 1, Wow. Keep it up!

For the record, neither Bankhead and Dicken ever won a CFL game as a starter. Good on Durrant.

Their record for UTTER futility is safe. :wink: LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Really, thats why Durrant embarassed Hamilton D and was complimented by TSN announcers for his play.