Jyles at Tiger-Cat QB?

Jyles as Tiger-Cat QB?

Both the Argos and Ticats are now taking a hard look at the pivotal position with the name Henry Burris front and centre in a lot of people’s minds throughout the CFL.

Waiting in the wing is Steven Jyles, a guy Toronto head coach/GM Jim Barker has publicly endorsed and has even offered a contract in the range of $200,000.

In the days leading up to the semifinal in Montreal, talk in the league was that the Argos had offered Jyles what many deemed a genuine offer to ensure Hamilton didn’t get its hands on the athletic quarterback.

In Toronto, Jyles had no receivers to throw the ball, which won’t be an issue in Hamilton, where young and emerging pass catchers are in abundance.

What isn’t so clear is whether Jyles is a legitimate starter, but his ability to make plays with his legs and keep possessions alive are invaluable.

And even though Kevin Glenn left everything out in the cold on Sunday, succumbing to a knee injury early in the third quarter that would knock him out of the game, Glenn must know that his time in the Hammer has come to an end.

When Quinton Porter was asked to win a winnable game, he couldn’t deliver.

He wasn’t alone, but given the nature of the quarterback position, the biggest off-season question for the Ticats will be the guy who lines up under centre.

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Hmm interesting, I never thought of that, not sure what you guys think, but Jyles could be a good QB with some talented receivers like you guys have. Would open up hole for AC to run as well. He needs to work on his throwing mechanics, but your guy's OC could be the guy to teach him that. What do you Ti-cats fans think about this?

Minot, IN.?

Ummm...Always thought he was better than Buck Pierce, and that Winnipeg let the wrong guy go.

Tough one.

What are the options?

Burris, who, at 37, just may be done, or Jyles, yet another athletic QB with potential and unproven.

I honestly don't know anymore what to do with the QB position.

Jyles is NOT the answer. Yes he can scramble but the reason he scrambles is because he is just a so-so passer. A starting CFL QB needs to be able to throw better than Jyles. Better receivers would've helped him but the real limitation was Jyles himself.

People may think I'm crazy but I'd go with Glen again and bring in a backup with upside (not Porter) to develop like Lulay and Tate for a year or two. It may even be Boltus who hasn't really seen much action. Unfortunately, I don't think Obie at his age is the guy to go out and find that guy.

Burris was great but he's not a guy to build for the future. He'd be a better fit for the Argos who desperately want to get to the Grey Cup next year when it'll be in TO. They need to build for 2012 and let the future take care of itself.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well my stance is next season to give Porter the first three games with full confidence. If he can't perform then it's time to part ways.

From there, I want to see Glenn take over again (as he'll likely lead us to another playoff appearance albeit probably not a Grey Cup) and us immediately start looking for new young talent. Jyles I think qualifies at new young talent, but frankly I'd be surprised if Barker let him go. Sure Jyles is green, but he's shown a lot of potential and has consistently improved. If the Argos do land Burris, they have to know he's not going to be around for more then 5 years (if they are lucky) so they need to train and build a new QB for when that time comes, and I don't think you'll find a young QB quite as proven as Jyles, save for Travis Lulay or Adrian McPherson who aren't going anywhere.

If we can get Jyles, I think we should. I'd even offer the Argos Porter for him straight up. I think he reads defences better than Porter & with our receivers, he'd do well here. I liked Glenn (at times), but I think he's done in the Hammer.

Well my stance is next season to give Porter the first three games with full confidence. If he can't perform then it's time to part ways.
Porter has previously started 20 TiCat games, which should be sufficient to ascertain if he possesses big league ability.

I'm not convinced he has the goods.

And Jyles did have the tools to become a Lulay type pivot, although it is my belief that he has lost some zip to his passes after the shoulder surgery.
Still an intriguing possibility though...

Not sure Barker would go for a straight up trade in Jyles for Porter, but it can't hurt to try.
The worst he can say is no.

Agreed. In fact, I would offer either Glenn or Porter straight up for Jyles to be honest. Barker may have ties to Burris from his time in Calgary, though & might choose to go with him.

Maybe I missed it, but the article doesn't come out & say that Jyles is a FA, although it does say that the Argos offered him 200k to "prevent him from being pursued by Hamilton", or words to that effect. This would lead me to believe that Jyles is in fact a FA. Anyone know for sure?

Jyles has a wonky shoulder and proved he is nothing more than a backup this year. No thanks.

I wouldn't mind bringing Jyles in and keeping Glenn around for insurance (If we wants to be a backup). I think Jyles has some talent and with the long off season that might help him recover just a little more from his surgery.

An interesting thought. If Glenn is through as the starter here, would he want a trade or remain as a starter elsewhere?

If so, where would that be? is there any team wanting him as their starter right now?

After coming off an impressive 2010...

2010, 5,102 passing yards, 33 TD passes, 17 ints and 97.6 rating. (Porter 148 yards passing)
2011, 3,963 passing yards, 19 TD passes, 17 ints and 86.8 rating. (Porter 689 yards passing)

Fewer TD passes was because the Tiger-Cats had significantly more rushing TDs this year.

2011 offensive TDs: 23 passing, 21 rushing = 44 TDs
2010 offensive TDs: 34 passing, 12 rushing = 46 TDs

His stats seem fairly consistent when you take into account significantly more rushing TDs and losing a little playing time to Porter's development resulting in 541 more passing yards than last year from Porter .

His TD passes also went down because porter came in when the cats were inside the 10.

On the other hand, assuming the Toronto Sun article is accurate, why would Barker offer starter's money to Jyles in part to prevent him from ending up with the Ti-Cats and then suddenly trade him to Hamilton anyway?

trade Glenn for Jyles

Then you have two mobile Qbs in Jyles and Porte, (3 if Kellen Moore gets here)

Then find an offensive Coordinator who can design an offence to utilize their strenghts

I feel sorry for Porter who is mobile and can run, but gets stuck running the offence desgined by Khari for his friend Glenn which takes out any mobility and which hides the limited arm strength by short dink and dunk offence

At some point in time, we have to quit trying to put square pegs into round holes, and our coaching staff has been guilty of this over and over again.

before we make the trade.... :roll: shouldn't somebody check out Jyles's statistics. Maybe compare them to the guy that they ran out of town. I'm not a Lemon apologist by any means, but Jyles was not in any way an upgrade.

Name Att Comp % Yards Long TD % Ints % Rating
LEMON, C 218 145 66.5 1,636 69 7 3.2 4 1.8 91.8
JYLES, S 218 124 56.9 1,430 48 7 3.2 11 5.0 66.5

Yup. Those are the rushing TDs I referred to. Porter had 9 (5th most in the CFL), which is exactly the difference in the number of rushing TDs between 2010 and 2011. Porter also had 4 TD passes this year, and 1 in 2010.

Keep in mind Jyles was thrust into a desperate situation and likely required in more risky play, also he did not have the luxury of going through training camp with his new team.

Perhaps a look at last year's stats might be a better indicator.

JYLES, S, 318 attempts for 196 completions, 61.6% completion rate, 2,804 yards, 81 longest, 19 TDs, 6.0 TD%, 7 ints., 2.2 int% rating of 100.9

And that's on a 4-14 Winnipeg team.

That's actually not bad. After seeing that, Jyles might be worth taking our chances on. Weather or not Toronto is willing to part with him is a different story, however.

The upside to signing Jyles is that we would have 2 mobile Qbs (if we keep Porter) on the roster. That way, we could run a more dynamic offence, using BOTH QBs as running threats. Both could roll-out and MAKE PLAYS HAPPEN too.