Jyles AND Brink out for the season.


Jyles and Brink done for the year.

this means, the eskies should have a free pass next weekend.
so if the riders beat the lions, i think the eskies would clinch a playoff spot ( as they hold the season series on the lions, and with a eskie win/lions loss, the lions can only tie the esks in points, not surpass them ).

looking like an eskie / rider west-semi.

Yeah, it is looking that way, although the way the Riders have been playing lately, BC might be able to beat them next weekend. I just wonder who the Bombers will have as back-ups for Elliott for their final two games.

Kevin Eiben again?? He took out Kevin Glenn in the 07 Eastern Final and pretty much gave Sask the Cup. Now he takes out Jyles and finishes our season.

Injuries happen... I don't Eiben intended to injure Jyles, nor Glenn in 07.

I hear Printers might be available.

I thought I read he just had an operation on his knee, which means he's NOT available.

Oops. Good point. :oops:

Slightly more seriously, there's Bishop, Joseph, or Chang. I gather Williams is busy working the pit crew somewhere. Don't know what these guys are doing. And given the Bombers' QB situation, I'm thinking they're probably desperate enough to go with one or two of these guys.

They've apparently already told Joseph, "Thanks, but no thanks."

A little luck on Edmonton side now.
Things eventually balance out.
They should beat the snot out of Winnipeg, no excuses.

After yesterday's game? Being left with only their fourth stringer might make them change their minds.

Why do the Bombers really care if they win or not? Seeing what Elliot can bring is a heck of a lot more important at this point than bringing in someone who doesn't have a hope of being around next year anyway.

Yeah, after yesterday's game. Here's the story:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2010/10/23/bombers_joseph/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... rs_joseph/[/url]

Totally agree. I doubt they would bring in anyone to play ahedad of Elliot; I wouldn't, anyway. But according to the rules, they do need to bring in two more quarterbacks.

[b]RULE 4 - SCRIMMAGE[/b] [b]SECTION 5 – PLAYER RESTRICTIONS[/b] [b]Article 5 – Designated Quarterback[/b] Prior to the game, a team is required to designate three players who shall be permitted to alternate for each other during the game at the quarterback position exclusively. Not more than one such player may be in the game at any time and none of the three can enter the game as a member of Team B.

PENALTY: L25 PLS DR or L25 PBD or option

NOTE: For the purposes of this Article 5, the duties of the quarterback position may include punting, place kicking and kicking off. If a team designates three quarterbacks for a game, the player designated as the third quarterback shall not be eligible for kicking duties.

According to this, they could list their kicker or punter and their second QB, but would they?

So back to the second post in this thread:

Cody Pickett has also told them no.

Just shaking my head over this. Maybe they were looking for a long-term contract? Or a guarantee of being #1? Or they were asking for too much money? I can see them going with a couple of total rookies, or maybe some NFL cuts, to evaluate them for next year?

LeFors is listed on their roster as suspended. Anybody know why, and whether he might be available to close out the season for them?

Now I'm just curious.

I think Joseph was OK with being a BU. Pickett was going to get 4K/game, 5K if he started.

LeFors is suspended, IIRC, because he refused to report to camp or something. Perhaps a Bomber fan can enlighten us more.

I found this article about Lefors on perhaps why he was suspended; returned back to his alma-mater.

[url=http://www.uoflsports.com/school-bio/lou-acad-lefors.html]http://www.uoflsports.com/school-bio/lo ... efors.html[/url]

LeFors wanted his original contract back and when the Bombers said no he told them he wouldn't be reporting for camp. When he didn't show, he was suspended. No clue why he doesn't file retirement papers if he's coaching. He can't play anywhere while he's suspended.

The Bombers might try to bring Adam DiMichele back since he's familiar with the offense from TC. Other than that, who knows. It's kind of difficult finding someone who can come in for 2 weeks when there are no guarantees they'll be asked back for next season.

Looks like Winnipeg is the new BC for turning QB's into hamburger. :wink:

There is no requirement to dress three QBs. The Argos dressed two QBs most of last season, dressing 41 men instead of 42. The Argos also tried to designate punter Eddie Johnson as one of their three QBs for a game but supposedly were turned down by the league, and did not push the issue. I don’t know why the Bombers couldn’t list a kicker as the second-string QB but if they did so, I’m guessing that the kicker would have to enter the game at QB if the first-stringer came out for any reason.