Jykine Bradley's late game injury

I seen Jykine go down in the fourth quarter and I didn’t notice if he returned. Just wondering if anyone out there caught that. :cowboy:

I noticed him back for at least one play. I don't think he finished the game however.

It would suck to lose him. He's one of the most physical DB's in the whole league.

Just hope he's ready to go on Sun. in the Peg. He's been our best corner all year and it'd be hard to replace him now. :cowboy:

He'll play. Everyone is playing a little hurt this time of year, and next week's game is for home field advantage.

He was back in the game just a few plays after his injury

Hopefully it's not serious, same with Cobb who was down for a bit but came back in the game and didn't seem to be affected.

I saw him running off the field after the game. He looked fine. I think it would take a lot more than that for him to miss this game.

I hope P-Rod isn't finished for the year. :frowning:

It was pretty scary watching Bradley lay on the field without moving. All I could think of in that moment was Tucker.

I'm a little concerned about how long Rodriguez has missed over what has been reported as a bone bruise on the knee.

Looks as though he is practicing so he should be good to go.

From Drew Edward's blog: "DB Jykine Bradley and RB DeAndra' Cobb, both of whom were nicked up against Saskatchewan, practiced today."

Also, P-Rod practiced! Lets hope he is back. That will get James out I'm sure.

At this point I would prefer James to P-Rod. I don't want to go mucking with a winning formula.

Though that Jump Ball would definitely benefit our red-zone offense.

Hell, I'd like to see both of them get snaps. James has been good in his spot-duty.

They will probably take Robinson out and keep James in.

the dink and dunk we are doing will work with prechae and bauman because of their size, nice to have an injury free (still wished we could use caulley) and added depth this season.

Don’t underestimate deep bruises, these can cause muscles to spasm so they don’t work and if not treated properly, calcium deposits can end up in the muscle causing all sorts of problems. I venture to guess he doesn’t have just an ordinary bruise.

Awesome news re: Bradley! Also would be nice to get P-rod back on the field as it gives us another impact receiver that the Bombers have to deal with. Could you imagine having P-rod, Bruce, McDaniel and Stala all on the field at the same time. Having said that, I'm not crazy about James returning kicks...maybe alternate McDaniel and Bruce to return kicks. :cowboy:

I hope it's not a lack of nourishment that's causing him to heal slowly.

I saw him pulling into McDonald's on my way to work this morning. :lol:

What! you saw him pulling into MacDonalds, no wonder P-rod ain't healing up...eating that road kill. :thdn:
Somebody needs to rustle him up some good ole home cooking and get him back in the lineup for Sun.

Chad Johnson of the Bengals is known for pretty much living on McDonalds. I would say he is in shape.

These guys are genetically gifted and fast food hurts them a lot less than us. They can metabolize anything.

Chad Johnson?

There's nobody on the Bengals by that name.

Chad Ochocinco on the other hand.....