Jykine Bradley

This man is amazing. If he dossnt start i will be amazingly shocked. He had a hudge hit that saved what would of been a hudge catch and maby a touchdown and a nice pick that he almost brought back for a score.

I'm With you on this one Makaveli
the pick was amazing I was sitting in sec29 so I had a great position to see the badly thrown ball being ripped off by Bradley I remember his first game as a cat against Calgary when he picked two passes off, one for a 70+ yard return for a touchdown I liked his ability then and thought he would have chance if he kept his play up he could make the starting lineup for this season and I'm sure he will be there. His hit tonight was another great play added to his belt but you must agree with me that Hitchcocks sideline crank on T.O.'s kick returner was the hit of the night if not year so far well all and all I'm a huge fan of Bradley's play and hope to see him crack the starting lineup he is a big play maker.

gotta agree last uear against the stamp he proved he is quality... 2 interceptions in tha game.. then todays performance, awsme, i dont see how he doesnt start..

I agree. Bradley, like Goss, is a playmaker. A ballhawk. I'd start Cody at one corner and Bradley at the other.