Jykine Bradley

What is obie doing? we need to sign this guy before fa this weekend. people around the league might not know who he is but other gm's do and there guanna be going after him hard.

Bradleys an all star look at his numbers over the last few seasons. and i know he didnt play much last season but that had nothing to do with his healt, that was just bad coaching.

We need to sign bradley, he'lll really solidify our secondary.

I agree.

i would as well, he will solidify our secondary playing an entire season.

Maybe O'Billovich hasn't looked at a calendar. Does he know what date it is??

We need to re-sign him and Armour and Beveridge, but I'm not holding my breath

There Still 2 Days Left
He should be able to get it done.

he'd be crazy not to resign the guy. hesa ball hawk. all talent. we need him back for sure asap. 100%!

at least the guys gettin sum love on here

Obie just re-signed Bradley:


(bottom of link)

8) Bradley accepted a new contract yesterday from the Cats !!!!

this is huge for our defence! all we need now is a decent safty and hopefuly one more guy on the line and this could eb one of our best dfences in a few years.

Good news. Now they just need to re-sign Armour and Beveridge and I’ll be happy.

i know the spec reported this but has the team auctailly said anything yet?

Its official now

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22881]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=n ... &nid=22881[/url]

"The Ticats also announced the team has released non-import defensive back Richard Karikari and non-import offensive lineman Ryan Donnelly."

woot woot. with the resigning of him and Gordon and the addition of Thompson, this secondary is not that far off. i did like Richard KariKari though, and i don't think he was as bad as everyone said. Richard is also a good guy, and very involved in the community.

No surprises with Karikari and Donnelly. Both are NI vets that cannot play what their salary dictates.