Jykine Bradley

Why no talk about bradley. The man clearly showed that the coaching staff has no clue what they are doing. He had a huge game and gets a pick on the first drive.

sure would've liked to know why a 12 game starter last season wasnt put into action sooner especially the way our so called dbs played this year

On the CHML broadcast of the game Coach Sal said
the coaches see Jykine strictly as a corner not a halfback.

Jykine told Coach Sal that the coaches told him,
[probably after Labour Day,] that they wanted
to keep some continuity in the defensive secondary,

They always opted at the last minute to go with someone else
and Jykine said he understands and didn't complain.

jykine has been good before i dnt understand why he didnt play sooner this year... w.e he'll be around next year.

It was great to see that pick by him so early.

It was a decent interception but he wasn't too impressive on a Lions TD (east end zone).

IIRC, it was Paris Jackson as the receiver and Lions on about the TiCats 17 yard line.

Bradley (covering Jackson) was lined up at the goal line (15-17 yard cushion) and started back-peddling at the snap of the ball and as the receiver came down field.

Jackson made his cut (in) about the goal line and the DB was 5 yards or more deep into the end zone.

Result... receiver wide open and a B.C. TD.

IMO, the defensive problems seem to stem from DBs not able to cover (many instances of the DB being beaten completely or being in the right spot but badly misplaying the ball) and/or bad coaching/schemes (total confusion of the DBs on any crossing patterns).

On the one TD play (Dickerson to Clermont?), 2 B.C receivers went down about 10 yds, crossed with one cutting in and the other going deep down the field and both DBs went after the short pattern, leaving the long receiver wide open.

It's happened over and over again, never seems to improve or have been solved and is an easy set up and sure thing for the offense of any opposing team (if 2 crossing confuse, imagine what 3 or 4 in a crossing pattern will do and have done consistently all season!).


I was shaking my head at that simple cross when both DBs covered short.
Wake up it's Game 17 boys!

He was injured for the better part of the season.

If your talking about bradley its not game 17 its game 1. And the secondary that was out there on friday was all new playing togeather.

Cushion suggests to me coaching. Why didnt the D-Coordinator have them playing tight coverage? doesn't make any sense at all to me.

Relax, Makaveli. I'm a big fan of your boy Bradley and can't understand why he hasn't played all season.

I'm also well aware that there were more changes to the secondary again.

I was shaking my head at the simple cross when both DBs covered short. I drew no conclusion about the offending DBs or whose responsibility the deep route was or whether the DC's scheme was adequate. I have no knowledge of whether the scheme was at fault, the player or players had a brain fart, or which defensive play was called or even if one was called in time to be implemented.
I simply shook my head as the play developed because it is a symptom that the patient continues to be unwell and is not progressing even though this was Game 17.