Jykine Bradley

Does anyone know why he didnt play tonight? I didnt even see him on the sideline.

i was with him at hess village for mardi gra!! him n tad kornegay

wel i seen em neways n showd sum love lmao wow im druink

lmao do you know why they didnt play?

You may have been drunk, blitz21 but
you muddled my head deciphering
your favourite second language.

I do wish to read what you write and I believe
it would please many of us if we didn't have to
read and re-read your posts to comprehend them.

Obviously you are part of a sub-culture
who use this language to email friends or peers
and to text message them their on cell phones,

most of us are not.

lol u guys r all tight asses i love it lol

(Blitze21) wel i seen em neways n showd sum love lmao wow im druink
Your drunken posts are better than your sober posts.

Don't get excited though, as I am not complementing you.

I'm sure glad I don't have to sit near you because as many of us noticed last night, you get out of control very easily.

Simmer down please and learn to write while your at it.

was he at street fest and if he was did he say what was wrong with him?

Sorry, the irony is too much.

He was just saying good-bye to his buddy Tad.

Seems like there is a lot of resentment for Bradley and I have no idea why. He was one of the Marshall/Reed victims over the past two years -- better than those ahead of him but always coasting the bench.

we could really use him on D. anyon know when hes going to be back or whats even wrong with him