Juwan Simpson

Was at the game today and during the intros this hot dog was yapping at the Cats and trying to stare down anyone he could. When Lauther missed the chip shot he was barking in his face until the PUNTER, yes the PUNTER (good on ya mate) pushed him away. I just checked the stats and he had one tackle. Good game Juwan.

Players like this drive me crazy. It's a general rule in my head that if you aren't good at something or a difference maker, maybe you should just shut up. Juwan, that is you to a T.

Intimidation by players works when you Win and it did for Calgary yesterday, Brian Bulke was doing the same thing for Hamilton
before the game started, but if no one else shares the same views on the team it's a tough sell and in Hamilton's case, totally an UN-MOTIVATED effort by the team to win against the best team in the CFL in Calgary.

Lauther missed two critical field goals especially when Burris and the offense put him in position to connect on 6 points, he blew it, the points at that portion of the first quarter would have given the Tiger-Cats some optimism instead of just walking away nothing and only four points by half, that stinks. I'm sure Simpson picked up on Lauther being young and thought he could get in his head and it worked, a professional kicker wouldn't allow it to happen, the Ti-Cats need a good consistent kicker like a Medlock if this team is to go anywhere, leaving points on the field is totally unacceptable.