Jutras Pics

I was so impressed with the Jutras publication that I purchased 3 for my friends and family. They all loved it. I see that it is out of print now. Hopefully, they'll do a second run. I also like her pics on the current page of the website. Great effort for that gal.

The new web site is a vast improvement over the old one...way to go CFL.

My only New Year's wish has to do with the CFL logo which is immeasurably boring. Please get a good design group on this. Sorry to see this for our exciting league. Does not inspire me in any way and does not match the stellar design of the CFL website. Anyone?

Is there any at book stores Northern or do you have to buy them on the internet site ? I would like one myself.

Everybody loves Johany and her book, the best thing to happen to the league in 2015 and she found out personally that my Canada includes Quebec.


The logo, IMO, sucks. Though it will be good for watermarking should they do something with that. I have always thought more jerseys would go that way because it is so much harder to make fakes.

The logo is ok and I think it melds well with technology like handheld devices which are what future fans will be using. It looks better with a black background IMO because it actually looks like a football, with other coloured backgrounds I didn't really get that impression.

Saw it on Jeff Hunt's hat at the GC and it looked good.

Back on topic, Johany rulz