Justin Zimmer #95

Does anyone know anything about DT Justin Zimmer from Ferris State? He was added to the practice squad along with 3 other guys a few weeks back but I’ve heard nothing?

All I know he is still there while Lawrence Okoye is not. All year the Als have wanted to go non-import at the DT, so an import has to be an impact player there. Impact meaning somebody who is disruptive and commands a double team. If the Als see anything in him, then most likely they will activate him for one of these final games and give him a chance to make an impression.

The DT position is a perfect example of how poor the the Als recruiting has been. They have struck out at finding Internationals at a position that should be relatively easy to fill. Just look around the league at Tor., Calg., Ham., etc. DE is the tougher position to find, not DT.

They wrongly evaluated Ray Drew thinking he was the guy, then tried Davin Walls, Okoye, and have so far left Zimmer on the practice roster. All this after not trying to re-sign Cash.

But maybe we don`t need player talent because Kavis is creating culture.


A culture of losing!

I noticed that Justin Zimmer #95 was not moved to the active roster, and he isn’t listed on the practice squad. We only have 3 guys listed in PS. Any info on him would be appreciated. #welostAGAIN! Go ALS!

I thought you could tell us as I suspected you were Justin Zimmer's father or other relative.

Unfortunately okie, I AM NEITHER, but I’d sure be lucky if I was!

I am the NFL/Draft DII Analyst for the @realGM in the good old USA and I was sent to cover Matt Judon and his Grand Valley St. team [in Lubbers Stadium], against the Ferris St. team, led by Jason VanderLaan. I came away from that game asking myself, who is this Zimmer kid, as he was very, very impressive. I GOOGLE his name and I’m blown away by what I see and who his measureables were comparable to. I researched his career at Ferris St. to find that he initially was a MLB who made the switch to DE, then to DT his senior year. I came away impressed even more with him after all my research was complete. Yes he was a DII kid in the big pond called the NFL, but this kid belongs playing professional football SOMEWHERE, and if not in the NFL, what not a better place than the CFL!

I am now new Alouettes fan, and will be, IF the kid sticks with them. GO ALS!

Welcome to the murky world of CFL roster management. IHere is how it works. On the day the season ends, any player on a practice roster becomes an unrestricted free agent and can offer/try out/sign with any CFL or NFL team.

If the Als liked him they would have put him under a CFL contract which is at minimum a 1+1 ( the second year being a team only option), since the contracts are not guaranteedand worth about 45 000 a season for a rookie many prospects choose to turn them down and spend the offseason attempting to get an NFL deal or a negotiate a better CFL deal with any of the teams. There is no impetus for them to sign anything till next spring. They can also ask for their release at any time. Which seems to be what has happened here, since he is not listed on the 46 man roster, practice roster or any injury list.

I hope the ALS (or another CFL team) give the Zimmmer kid a legit shot to make their team, if not this year maybe next!

Thanks for your insight okie! It is much appreciated!

Sack on his very first play!!!!

In regards to the game the Zimmer kid had against Hamilton on November 3rd:

Joey Alfieri reporter/host for @TSN690 writes, “Justin Zimmer, Reggie Northrup and Branden Dozier are impressive tonight. Some of the positive young players going into the winter?.

As is stated in one of my earlier post, “this kid belongs playing professional football somewhere.?

The Zimmer kid is definitely talented enough to play in the CFL. He’s also talented enough to play in the NFL, provided he improves on his technique and polishes the rest of his overall game.

On a side note to the Alouettes future on the defensive side of the football:

My observation of the game after watching it for a second time is that the combination ofBowman/Zimmer seemed to be fairly effective against stuffing the run when they were side by side and both were on the field. The long runs and TD’s up the middle of the defense came when Zimmer was taking a quick break on the sideline.

That being said, if the Montreal Alouettes are looking to improve the play along their defensive line they should be looking at signing this young & talented defensive linemen to a long term deal [potentially a 4-5yr deal]. That’s providing they pick up his 1+1 club option for the 2018 season. If they don’t, one of the other eight CFL teams will be going after him if he becomes a free agent on the open market.

* All of this is assuming that Zimmer can play as consistent over next season as he did during the Hamilton game.

Can anyone confirm or deny Justin Zimmer's Dads claim that the Alouettes picked up his club option for the second year? I saw him tweet about it yesterday.

Training camp is over 5 months away. Lots can happen by then. Even so, it would hardly be surprising if Zimmer shows up at rookie camp then.

By the way, CFL teams announce signings in bunches, not when the player actually signs. For instance, Mikaël Charland last week said he re-signed.

Why would he not show up for rookie camp?

New coach could cut him before then.
He may ask for his release if an NFL offer his made his way.
He could fall down the stairs.