Justin Medlock

Winnipeg has been pretty low-key re free agent signings, and roundly criticized by many of it's fans for losing some high-profile players and not signing any big names. It's also freed up some salary space by releasing Fred Reid (and losing Carr?).

How is Winnipeg's kicker situation?

I can see them going after Medlock if it feel's the need to strengthen the kicker position and if it has any extra cash floating around.

8) Why would Winnipeg go after Medlock, when they already have Eric Wilbur ????

Wilbur is a better punter but Medlock is the better place kicker, though both can handle both duties.

Some teams can get away with one player in the dual role (as TiCats did with Medlock) but to many, a place kicker has a higher upside (ie, 3 points vs field position).

IIRC, Medlock was a close selection over Wilbur at the beginning of last season for this reason.

Did Bombers bring Wilbur in for his punting or field goal skills??? Or possibly both if deemed better than what they now have?

8) The Bombers are saying that they traded for Wilbur for his punting and kickoff skills.
  He will compete with last years punter, Cdn. Mike Renaud, and kickoff and field goal specialist, Cdn. Justin Palardy.

  I doubt very much that they would be interested in Medlock, with the kickers they already have.

   They most certainly would not go with 2 import kickers, that is for sure !!!

Is there anything more boring than a punting situation in the NFL? Ok, there's soccer, but besides that.

In the CFL punting is strategic and has the real possibility of a return TD. In the NFL the only strategy is how fans use that five minute break in the action: bathroom, beer replenish, start bbq, talk to wife/kids, etc.

Is there anything more boring than a punting situation in the NFL?
Is there anything more boring than a punting situation in the NFL?
This year? Kickoffs in the NFL. Woo-hoo! Another touchback.

I can't believe the NFL intentionally tried to limit run backs of kick offs to help prevent injury. What's next? Change the game to flag football from tackle football?