Justin Medlock

It was Zuger holding for Coffey. Joe was really a multi-skilled player. When he first joined the team he played some DB as well.

If you look at the locker room scene after the end of the game, one really neat thing they did was introduce Earl Grey to Ralph Sazio. I think he was the grandson of the one who donated the Grey Cup when he was Governor-General. Wouldn't it be neat if they could find the current descendant, if there is one, for the 100th edition of the game?

The strategy at the time, at least by the Ticats, was to punt the ball as far as you could, and then let your defence pen the other team deep in their own end. And Zuger was a master at this.

I agree - I miss that style of punting. Unfortunately, that disappeared when the league changed the rules to allow limited blocking on punt returns. It would be interesting to see a punter switch between the two styles. As a returner, where would you set up? Ready for the high punt, and it could sail way over your head. Ready for the deep punt, and it bounces in front of you, maybe with a bounce back for a recovery by the punter.

I agree that the introduction of blocking on punt returns contributed to changing the strategy for punting. I don’t think I’d like to return to the old rule-- punt returns are now as exciting as kickoff returns and sometimes moreso.

But I think there were other reasons for the change in punting styles over time too.

Back then, the rouge was a more important factor in the game as a whole. Games were lower scoring to begin with, and so the point earned by punting it deep for a rouge had the potential to be more significant in the outcome. Bear in mind as well that there was no 2-point convert option, so this alternative method of earning a needed point was not available. Also, there was no O/T during the regular season. So in a close game, if you needed a win rather than a tie for points in the standings, punting for a rouge could be crucial.

Good points, although the blocking rule change and the change in punting strategy also increased the number of no yards calls. At least it seems that way.

This is an area where I disagree with the modern coaching philosophy. Teams now seem to go out of their way to avoid getting single points - at least for the first three quarters or so. Punters always look upset if their kick goes into the end zone, as they were hoping to pin the other guys deep.

And then, often enough, as the game winds down, those foregone single points would come in mighty handy. e.g. down by 4, could have been down by 3. Or down by 1, could have been tied. etc.

I'd be inclined to grab more single points when they're free for the taking.

You raise an interesting point for sure. It made me recall something else that's changed.

Back in the "good old days" the team that gave up a rouge got the ball on their 25, not the 35. (Go back far enough and I think it might even have been placed on the 10). From the kicking team's perspective, punting for a rouge then got you the point and left your opponent pretty deep. Now, the opponent has it on the 35, and with higher-octane offences these days, it's not as hard for them to get back into scoring position. Similarly, kickoffs after field goals or missed attempts were from the 45 then, so again it left the opponent with a longer field to make up.

With the signing of Fantuz, we now have 3 experienced holders but no kicker yet. The Esks have 4 kickers : Canadians Grant Shaw, Burke Dales, Derek Schiavone, and American Eric Wilbur. If we don't sign Medlock, I can see Obie making a draft day deal with the Esks or signing Luca Congi who is a free agent.

Strangely, I haven't read Medlock's name associated with the Ravens. God knows they need a fieldgoal kicker. Poor Billy Cundiff must be looking over his shoulder for the shadow of Ray Lewis. :lol: :lol: :lol: Nobody likes to see players fail but as a Steeler fan, it looked good on the "Ravines".

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I'd still take Setta over any of the above (other than Medlock).

Your basic premise is correct – that the style of punting has changed – but I don’t agree with the suggestion that the idea now is height. Height and hangtime are the primary goals in the NFL, but in the CFL the whole concept is (and has been for many years now) directional kicking. None of the CFL’s punters regularly get the sort of height and hangtime the NFL punters get. Instead, they regularly kick low line-drive-style punts towards a specific spot, and funnel all of the coverage guys into that zone of the field to limit the return.

Just give the man what he wants and be done with it. How hard is that?

Come to think of it, I agree with your premise as things stand right now. Over the last 4-5 years the trend has really been going in that direction. For the years before that all the new kickers being brought in were having their hang times quoted just as in the NFL.

So, we've now seen SEVERAL shifts in CFL punting styles.

x2. he's certainly earned it with his performance last year.

That's not so easy if "what he wants" is an NFL contract.

Of course that's a given, but if he's actively negotiating with us to me that means there's a good chance he is at least willing to stay in the CFL.

And if he won't sign up for longer than one year again? Do we sign him anyway, and go through this again next year?

I wonder where we are against the salary caps. With so many first-contract players, how much room do we have left? Do we need to spend more to meet the minimum cap? Oh, to be a fly on the wall....

At this point, yes. There aren't many other guys available right now.

I would love to know that too.

I know this was posted in another thread a few weeks back, but would Nick Setta come back?

[url=http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=nick%20setta&source=web&cd=17&ved=0CF8QFjAGOAo&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsouthtownstar.suntimes.com%2Fsports%2F10419605-419%2Fgoss-listen-up-nfl-nick-setta-still-kicking.html&ei=y9tHT9fhKqbTiALZvJnbDQ&usg=AFQjCNGnN5UTbdSFDXf6b2B3Ur-8yrDK7A]http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=n ... Ur-8yrDK7A[/url]

Perhaps he will be an option.

[url=http://www.jetsgab.com/2012/02/09/jets-try-out-kicker-medlock-de-brown-and-wr-lindsey/]http://www.jetsgab.com/2012/02/09/jets- ... r-lindsey/[/url]

Not sure if people already knew this, but Justin Medlock had a try-out with the Jets on February 9th.

I'm really starting to have a powerful dislike for the Jets lol

as a kicker or QB?
..cuz I hear Mark Sanchez is contemplating a hockey career.....on thin ice. :stuck_out_tongue: