Justin Medlock

One bright spot for the Argos - hopefully, this continues. Wasn't a big fan of Vanderjagt.

Medlock was awesome last Friday night. I hope he can keep it up! :cowboy:

You still need to be able to put up 7's and not 3's. That offensive line STINKS!! I am so disappointed in that Murphy signing now.

Been covering Medlock and Jamal Robertson, but the rest of the offensive line has to pull up their socks.. maybe they can salvage their season..

[url=http://www.therunningback.com]www.therunningback.com[/url] :roll:

Pigskin said it....

For sure... But anyone who is that accurate & reliable will have a place in the game for a long long time. He (JM) is truly a bright spot on an otherwise bleak looking team.

Murphy?... What a dumb oaf. Should have been a no brainer good decision but he hasn't worked out very well at all.