Justin Medlock Released By Redskins Now With Detroit

[url=http://detnews.com/article/20100615/SPORTS0101/6150447/1126/rss14]http://detnews.com/article/20100615/SPO ... 1126/rss14[/url]

But I hope he ends up back in the CFL instead of with the sorry Detroit Lions, and thank goodness he was released by those Redskins with whole lot more money than sense in Washington where very few free agents ever succeed anyway.

I know! That sucks. I was upset when I heard the Lions signed him. With Medlock all our kicking troubles would be solved. That guy is money!

He was the one bright light in a dreadful season last year. . .

I was not I am lions fan but Hanson is still the guy beat in Detroit

So you'll have him back sooner or later

You can always Sign Setta


Buried in another thread on a different discussion, this interesting scoop on Justin Medlock is worth posting more appropriately here. What odd times these are when you read that scoop.

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He's been waived by the Lions and coming back to the Argos most likely!

Well he was back with the Argos after getting cut by Detroit and he was great, so now where does he go?

Not sure what his future holds but I will certainly miss watching him kick.

Wow has this guy been around quite a bit since last year!

He seems to be kicking for us now. Another damn good Ex-Argo makes his way down the road.