Justin Medlock most accurate kicker in CFL History!

Congratulations Justin Medlock on acheiving the most accurate kicker rating in CFL history, always thought you were a great kicker and glad your a Tiger-Cat.

Justin Medlock of the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats is the most accurate kicker in CFL history, having made 166 of 190 attempts (87.4 per cent) over his five-year CFL career. Medlock easily assumed the league crown, which is based upon 150 career attempts. He has made 26 of 29 field goals attempted (89.7 per cent) and is the CFL scoring leader with 121 points, 28 ahead of Montreal’s Boris Bede. (John Woods/Canadian Press)

See story link from CBC Sports below:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/medlock-kicking-record-cfl-history-1.3232597]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/m ... -1.3232597[/url]

One of the most valuable Ticats for the three seasons he has played with us as well :rockin:

Congrats Justin :thup:

We been Calling him Money since his 1st kick in 2011

Always remember, your great kicker and you great quarterback came to you from the Arrrrrrrrrrgggoooos !!

Well we can understand that the ARRRGGGOOOOS weren't going to be able to keep Zach who was going to go where ever he could get a starting job, but WHY did they get rid of Medlock? He spent time with a couple of other CFL teams before he came to the Ticats.

no, he had 2 runs in TO, and this is his second time in Hamilton. He was down south a few times.

correction, he did have a coffee with Edmonton, but i don't think he actually played at all.

I thought I remembered him being with Edmonton but apparently he didn’t play (just checked). He was with TO in 2009 and then signed with the EE in 2010 - so why didn’t the Argos re-sign him? He did go back to the Argos from the EE (Sept) but they released him after a short time (Oct). However it wasn’t until the following season (June) that he went to the NFL and bounced around.

Money is a great name for Medlock because he is so accurate in his kicking.