Justin Medlock a free Agent

Justin Medlock formally of the Carolina Panthers NFL and Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL is currently a Free Agent, probably trying out with NFL clubs again soon but what are the chances of getting him back in a Ti-Cats uniform? Would Cat fans want to see Medlock back as kicker/punter or do we stay with Luca Congi and Josh Bartel???

Considering how great a job they did last year I would say that the Ticats should stay focus/spend time and money on defense and oline instead of the old bedder is bedder of fixing things that are not broken but if you can get him for the same money you pay those two than it becomes a ratio decision. I'd still be tempted in making a nice offer to keep the Argos honest :lol:

Even if we could get him, LC and JB were a pretty darn good combo last year. Why mess with success. This team has a lot more pressing player personnel needs than k/p.

Agree with Mike, the two we have done a pretty good job last season and we can't just keep changing things around each year. I know that anyone in the cfl could go south at any time but what's to say that even if JM was to come back, he wouldn't bolt south again if the opportunity presented itself. Besides, we can't depend on winning games with field goals, so let's keep the kicking status quo and find some defensive improvements.

The short answer is Medlock's an import.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's as simple as a passport. Why would Austin waste a roster spot on an American when he has a Canadian who can do the job just as well?

Only positive really is that Medlock can do both duties while obviously, Bartel and Congi split them.

Medlock will bounce around the NFL a bit more. I think ultimately his career will end in the CFL.

That's not entirely accurate. Tiger-Cats are using two NI slots as opposed to one import slot. With the high number of rookie non imports likely coming to camp it makes for interesting decisions. Also you can only protect one kicker with expansion.

This time last year we (or at least I was) mourning and fretting over the loss of Justin Medlock. And now some (including me) are thinking that we have successfully moved on and won't need him.

Wow...what a difference a year makes!!!

HfxTc makes a great point, and with Medlock we would have a solid kicker and punter in one, makes a huge difference in points, hang time and accuracy. Congi did a good job last year along with Bartel, and Congi was on his way to breaking the CFL record for most consecutive field goals but just fell short I think the record was 29 by Paul McCallium and Congi had like 23 or something?

Anyway if you can get an all in one guy to kick and Punt it’s a bug advantage especially when Justin Medlock can kick field goals comfortably from 45 yards plus, more like 50, 54 yards and so on with accuracy, BIG ADVANTAGE!!

However, if your one guy, who does both jobs, gets injured you're in a world of trouble. With two, you can still carry on somewhat.

Yes, you're tying up two positions, but kicking is an important part of the game. You're safer with two.

The one thing that Medlock brings to the table is an extreme power leg.
The one bad on Congi is the range for his FG attempts and yards and hang time on kick offs.
Hard to argue with what our punter/kicker brought to the table this year, but like an earlier poster noted if you can only protect one kicker in the expansion draft....
I wonder if our current strong legged punter could handle kick-off duties?
One other option is a certain Noel Prefontaine as a FA.
Perhaps he could handle punting and kick-off duties and 50+ FG attempts and have Congi available for PAT and 50 and under FGs.
It will be interesting, and kicking will be a strength ANY way you look at it!

I think the main concern will be cost over import status. Medlock may command more money than Congi and Bartell. I was worried last year too, now I feel we should stick with what we have. It's a good combo and they can back each other up.

Congi and Bartell must make $100-110K combined.
That is what Medlock would have to accept to play here.

I think the main consideration is the rest of the offence. If your O is struggling to move the ball, it might make sense to bring Medlock back, the 5-10 extra yards in range for FGs might be worth it. If your O has the talent that ours does, it's less critical to have to try for long range FGs.

I noticed that coaches this past season were thinking long and hard about attempting the distant field goals (45 and beyond), especially with the talented returners that were at work.

This trend will make the long kickers less relevant and necessary.