Justin McGriff gone for the season

I just read in today’s Hamilton Spectator that McGriff is gone for the season due to an "off- field accident. They don’t know the details except it wasn’t a car accident. I wish him a speedy recovery. This leaves the Tiger Cats short of a great receiver who was supposed to replace the loss of Addison. Do any of you have any thoughts?

Here is the article

But the big news of the final day of Ticat training camp was that Hamilton has lost its marquee rookie, probably for the entire season. Six-foot-six wide receiver Justin McGriff has been outstanding in camp, and hung onto the ball after being hit hard a couple of times in a pre-season game, but suffered an unspecified injury off the field on Wednesday afternoon.

“Justin had an unfortunate accident which we don’t need to dive into,” head coach Orlondo Steinauer said Thursday. “Now our focus is on him as a person and on his family, not on him as a player.”

McGriff was injured on the McMaster University campus, where the team held camp, but The Spectator has been unable to determine the nature of that accident or what part of McGriff’s body was injured. The Spec has learned that the accident did not involve a car or other kind of motorized vehicle.


Do you think that the Tiger Cats have enough depth to overcome losing McGriff for the season. I personally thought that he was going to be the go to guy now I don’t know. Maybe we should go out and get speedy B?

Don’t worry but they still have Papi White. I still don’t know why but they do.

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Lots of people throw shade at Papi but he had a very successful College career.
(43 games and recorded 161 receptions for a school-record 2,620 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns).

He can return punts, kickoffs, play receiver or RB.
Very useful guy if he doesn’t have to be THE GUY.

And don’t forget his playoff 90+ yard punt return for TD…might be something there still.


Hindsight is 20/20…but
If the Ticats knew Johnson and McGriff were going to be injured in camp , would they have let Addison go?


Not that they would be a direct replacement but with teams cutting to their final rosters, there should be some decent receivers coming free.

Too bad though. He looked like an exciting young player.


Go out and get Speedy B ? Let’s not get carried away here . The last time I looked McGriff was a 6’6" 215 lbs 22 year old up and comer . Speedy on the other hand is a 5’6" 150 lbs 35 year old over the hill has been whose best days are clearly in the rearview mirror .

I honestly don’t think that bringing Speedy back is the answer to this problem .

As for a replacement I’m rather anxious to see what Omar Bayless can do and he has been moved into McGriff’s wideout spot for tonight’s game on the depth chart. We also have Terry Godwin who was here last year and got into a couple games and fared well in his limited playing time . Finally we have Gallimore who looks to have at least the return spot sown up and could also be used in certain packages and formations on offense this season .

Personally though I’m saddened by the loss of McGriff and also Johnson for that matter I honestly am not worried about our depth at receiving this year . I think with Bo slinging the ball that we will be just fine .


I hate to be insensitive, but why can’t we be informed as to what the off-field injury was. In this day and age, transparency is important. It may help us TiCat fans better understand as to why we’ve lost an important standout for the season. Was he changing a lightbulb and had it short out and fry his brain?? If so, what’s the big secret?

If it doesn’t happen at practice or a game , why do we need to know? It might be embarrassing for the player and he asked the team not to say.


Gotcha bud!! I’m just so curious as to what could have totally kiboshed his entire season.

Hey, I am very curious as well, but I accept Coach O’s answer. We should start a list of possibilties or guesses.

Me too, but the curiosity is still killing me…haha!!

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He posted a picture of his leg in a cast. Maybe he slipped going down some stairs and broke his leg?

I don’t think the “How was he injured?” is as important to us fans as “Who will replace him?”


So did Johnny Manziel. I’m only interested in what he has done as a pro. One punt return TD in a playoff game hasn’t made him the next Speedy B.

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Gotcha…but if this was the case, why can’t the fans be told that he slipped down the stairs and broke his leg. TICAT nation would understand and move forward. Keeping the reason hidden just promotes us to speculate.

Anyways, you are right as to the more important question. Here’s hoping that we have enough talent and depth to replace him. :slight_smile:

It also wasn’t a guarantee that he was even gonna make the cuts.


I’m with you on your first and second thoughts, but not your third.
Steve Milton is curious, as well. I’m sure he’ll learn what happened and, if it’s not something embarrassing to, or pointing a finger at, anyone, he’ll report it. However, I won’t be surprised if he learns something that he’ll choose not to divulge.


I think we can safely assume it wasn’t a career ending injury suffered while making pancakes like a hockey player I remember…

LMAO!!! Those pancakes will kill ya!!!

LA Kings Dustin Penner owns up to his pancake injury - ESPN


Has there ever been a complete unknown rookie who was still a question mark of even making the starting roster fuelled this much silly angst ?

The correct answer is never. Zero (0).