Justin Hickman

Any word on Justin Hickman or has his time in Hamilton come to an end.
If so to bad he was a good one.

I think that he is most likely finished as a Cat. The writing was on the wall for Hickman when the team signed Chick last month. I'm thinking that it's more a salary cap,economic and monetary issue really , the team has Tracey and Davis both under contract for this season and are probably paying them combined less than what they were paying Hickman on his contract alone. You would have to think that both of these players are on entry level contracts at $52,000 each and Hickman's contract had to be in the $125,000 to $140,000 range at least for last season. Basically the team is getting a 2 for 1 deal by letting Hickman go and going with the cheaper hired help until Norwood eventually comes back later in the season.

I agree Bobo, unfortunately Hickman's money is better spent elsewhere
DB Emanuel Davis if he is unsuccessful with his NFL tryout is more important to get re-signed with those Hickman $'s
and I would also like Hall to be re-signed

Hickman could be the replacement for Norwood who will probably start the season on the injury list. With Gascon -Nadon gone in free agency, we may need to draft a defensive end for special teams and back up. Adrian Tracy could also be in the mix as a starter to replace Norwood. At least we have choices.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I see our D Line starters as Chick, Laurent, Gaydosh and Tracy.

After his play last year, I think the coaches now know that Tracy can replace Hickman. I also think that the coaches believe that it is time Gaydosh show why the Cats took him 1st overall a few years ago.

We have Atkinson and that young kid who played college ball in Manitoba to back up Gaydosh. Is Hazime even in the mix any more? I think he is a FA who the Cats may not pursue.

The team will bring in imports to compete for backup spots behind our import DL starters. Norwood can compete with Tracy when Norwood returns from injury.

I don't see the team re-signing Bryan Hall, or drafting another DL. I think we will be using our first pick in the draft on the best available kicker.

That kid from Winnipeg being Evan Gill our 1rst round selection in the 2014 draft who played for Manitoba U. Gill was with the team all last year on the IL and didn't suit up for any game action but is highly touted by both Austin and Steinauer and comes with a high pedigree. Look for Gill to make the jump to the regular roster this season. If your prediction about the starting 4 on the line shows true that will give the team the possibility of at least 4 starting Canadians on Defence (DT-Gaydosh/Laurent...CB-Steven/S-Butler with a 5th possibly being Plesius at MLB. So lots of flexibility if the team can start 2 interior Canadian Linemen indeed this season.

I like Tracy so fast off the line.. Not so great at run stopping usually ran himself out of position but that'll come.. Hitman was/is a complete end though, I'd like to see him stay atleast one more year.

If we go with 4 Canuckelheads won't we need to dress another 4 Canuckelheads as their back ups. Too many Canuckelheads can be a bad thing maybe?

D and O will be tops in the CFL