Justin Hickman

What's going on with this guy? Cut by the Colts in June, since then, not a single word about him anywhere. No NFL news, no CFL news, nothing on twitter, nothing. Did he retire due to injury? I know we could sure use him.

Can he play QB ?

Austin has no history with him. With the exception of Medlock, Austin seems to have discarded most of the players that were not signed by him. I don't think Hickman would even be in his radar.

we had problem with players coming back from NFL
They not been good

Hickman is apparently still trying other NFL teams but I believe his injury is holding him up and I'm sure if the Cats were interested would make sure he is 100% healthy?

He would also be extremely expensive. Then people wold be crying about the loss of cap space and how Austin doesnt know how to manage the cap etc.