Justin Hickman released from Colts

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 8m
The #Colts have released former #Ticats DE Justin Hickman. Still has close ties with his old #CFL team… was at playoff game last season.

Hickman is a natural as an end in the CFL with his size and explosiveness and did not seem comfortable a converted LB in the NFL.
The Cats would be foolish to pass up the chance to grab Hickman (if he is indeed healthy) and should have another 3-4 years of productivity left.

Interesting. Could there be enough $$ left under the cap to re-sign him? He might push the current ends at camp...

The cap just went up $600K with the new CBA

I think its time to unleash our Mississippi super sleuth T I L L M A N. :cowboy:

One of my favourite" recent " cats

If there's a way for it to happen, I'd be quite pleased to see him back in Black and Gold.

I don’t think we need him
I like ends we have now

I think He’ll want to stay in the NFL another 2 years
NFL’s pension plan covers every eligible player after 4 years played
He needs 2 more.
If he wants to come back to the CFL
Dose he have anything left after 2 years

If there is any way to reacquire the services of Hickman, I'd like to see him back here. He's only 28 years old and could easily play another 5 years as a defensive end. He was a great sack master and probably still is. :thup:

There has really been what seems to be a lot mote players coming from the CFL to the NFL. Hickman was a big part of the trend. Now it is coming full circle where, like many NFL players may get 2-3 years before the NFL eats them up and spits them out for cheeper younger rookie from NCAA or slipping through the NFL cracks and re spotted in the CFL.
The Colts have a younger Henoc Muamba on their roster now and Hickman may be the first of a few to circle back to the CFL in their late 20's with some good miles left.
Already seeing some of the Canadian O and D lineman coming out of NCAA or CIS beginning to migrate back North after a few years in the NFL be it a practice roster or playing out a rookie contract or a combo of both.
2 Canadian Olineman are heading to the NFL for their rookie season while some are returning back to Canada O'donnell Mid 2012 season and Holmes mid 2013 season. and we may see another one or two come back this season.
Hicman may or may not hold out to see if he gets any other NFL interest for TC but if he does not make a final roaster after camp the liklihood that he would re sign in the CFL are pretty good come mid season.
Good point made that the salary cap has just went up by 600K so this would be the best time for a former All Star CFLer or top draft pick to return with some extra dollars to spend that the teams have.

Sign the Hitman ASAP :rockin: We need to get our sack totals way up ?!

I don't know about resigning Hickman....

I think Eric Norwood is primed for a break out year and that will open things up for Boudreaux....

With the massive amount of National talent of defense adding Hickman would give them an awesone three man rotation.
Bulcke, Laurent, Hazime DL, Plesius LB Butler S, and Stephan S/CB. 4 likely starters and using 3 ratio spots on defense would mean that 3 of these six players would have to be on the field in different packages or rotation.

This. I like the idea of that rotation on the d-line, we could have any number of combinations for offensive lines to handle. Probably the biggest upside is keeping the big boys upfront fresh during long drives and late in the fourth quarter. I may be wrong but pretty sure Riders did a lot of rotating on the d-line last season (I realize every team rotates a bit but in Sask it was cus they had a plethora of talent), and so did the Cats ...or maybe those are just injuries blurring my memory :expressionless:.

You can never have to much talent. If Hickman becomes available on the CFL market, I want him back in Hamilton.

I have to agree with cflsteve and 2EZ4 on this one,if Hickman is available and wants to come back and is injury free than Austin should sign him ASAP before another team shows interest and beats us to the punch.Just imagine the rotation on the D-Line with Boudreaux,Norwood and Hickman at DE and Bulcke,Laurent and Hazime at DT. not to mention Davis being thrown into the mix as well on the interior.IMO it would make for a lethal 7 man rotation,and the potential to possibly be one of the strongest groups of D-Lineman in the league.

yea every team rotates or has different package personnel but depending on your talent to how much you do it. even before the Ridrs acquired Hall they had a 3rd rotating end in Hillee Taylor who is like Eric Norwood to Hamilton. a converted import LB to DE with similiar from a solid DI program some NFL experience looking for a job and made the transiton look easy.
What made it easier for the riders is the same that will make it easier for Hamilton and that is the quality of National players on defense.
Shologan, Foley, Zack Evans on the Dline, Butler, Newman, McCoulough, and Sam Hurl. Hurl was injured and Evans came off the 9 game mid season and plugged into the Dline rotation.
As players like Hickman head to the NFL players like Norwood and Taylor head North.
Hamilton's defense will be unbeleivable this year IMHO.