JUSTIN HICKMAN , MEDLOCK , THIGPEN and Canadian drrospects

Anyone know how Hickman is doing in Indi ?
it seems he is dressing and used sparingly ? anyone know anymore ?

I wonder if there is chance he could coem back ?>

I know Medlock got released ? Congi had a great year though ....

I know thigpen is doing well

Does anyone know why PEGUESSE was not playing late in the year for us at DE . He looked like a beast and a good young pass rusher . I know he was bit injured but was he healthy and they chose to go with Peach and Boudreaux and Summers ?

Do you think he is their plans as one of the DE's for next year ..I hope so .

Anyone have any news on our canadian draft picks

1 .Plesius laval - Did he have a better year this year than last ? Will he get NFL interest ? Should we expect him in camp this year

2 .Calgary OLINEMAN drafted last year ( Carson Rockhill ---- Did he have a good year better than last ? Should we expect him in camp

  1. Coutreny Stephen --northern illinois heard he was having a good year

  2. Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud laval - heard he was having a good year too and we can see him and plesius in the final this friday ..vanier cup

  3. Petrus Moe - ANyone know his status .I know he was cut by the NFL and must be waiting for an offer ? might he be in camp next year ..maybe he will take another shot next year ?

What do people think about us having the first overall pick ? There is a guy from oshawa that plays for REGINA -STEFAN CHARLES that seems to be the best guy at DL .

He might have some value in SASK :slight_smile: ---- and we need americans on our dline as itis weak already ....we likely would be better served trading with SASK and grabbing and OLINEMAN Corey WATAMN form easter michagan or Sewell from MAC

This is crazy but how about # 1 pick this year and next , FANTUZ , Rey Williams , Giguerre and ( Any of our current DLINEMEN aside from Peguesse ) to SASK for DE WILLIS , and LB Joe Lobendahn and Getzlaf

Lots of questions. i wish that I knew the answers.

But that trade......... :smiley: