Justin Hickman- evil incarnate

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#Argos ink DL Justin Hickman to 1-year contract


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First @bbulcke. Then @BryanHall95. Now @justinsane617. The whole #Ticats v. #Argos thing is gonna be interesting.


I hate it and love it. Hate seeing him go to the Arholes but is this ever going to blow up the rivalry to a new level. :twisted:

Let's get to BMO for the opener and enjoy all of this!


If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em.

The Toronto Tiger Cats :?

:lol: :lol: But they don't have Teddy and WE do! (plus a bunch of other talented DL guys who will hopefully stay healthy this season).

They also don't have Zach...

Justin Hickman, Brian Bulke and Bryan Hall. Hmm.
Kent Austin knows what he wants but I hope those three don't come back to bite us.

Hickman was invisible during the second half of last season. It's not the end of the world losing him to the Argos. The biggest worry for the Ticats by far, is getting a good, strong, reliable kicker. The loss of Medlock's placekicking is HUGE!!!

what the hell Hitman! this isn't right! :thdn: :thdn:

The Ticats have allowed three great defensive linemen loose only to have them turn up
on the Argo’s D line. They have allowed the best kicker in Ticat history to escape to Winnipeg.
I’m guessing that most of this took place due to salary cap parameters.
I presume that having 34 players on the free agency list is by and large, the reason for these
changes, the outcome of which resulted in the team not having the availability to pay for this already nurtured talent working Kent Austin’s system. I realize that in management’s determination to go all out for a grey cup win, they stacked the team (and salary cap) with players they thought would lead us to the promised land.
I suppose there’s no need to mention again that when our QB blew his ACL, all bets were off and we lost the 2nd of two consecutive grey cup tries.
All of this has placed the team in a “backs to the wall” position for 2016.
I find it hard to believe however, that the timing of the availability of 34 players, many of whom could play on several CFL teams, wasn’t a particular worry for Austin and company.
Did they fail to look ahead or cast their lot on new talent? I’m puzzled. It appears that 2016
is going to be another rebuilding year because, IMO, we have weak lines on defense and offense. :cry:

There is no chance this will be a rebuilding year, Austin knows exactly what he is doing. Bryan Hall was a loss, but obviously Austin feels either Lyndon Gaydosh, 1st overall pick and a great talent is ready to take over and probably at a much cheaper rate, or he has another American, also cheaper and probably as talented waiting in the wings. Hickman is getting older and at age 32 I believe is not the same player he once was, we have talented defensive ends like Adrian Tracy and Eric Norwood who are much younger and much more productive. Bulcke was a decent player who helped with the ratio, but he was injured more often than not. Another factor you have to consider is that we definitely kept the most talented piece of our defensive line, Ted Laurent, I am certain these players will see a decline in their success without the Ted Laurent factor.

On the issue of quarterback, it's looking more and more like Zach will be ready for the start of the season, but even if he isn't, Masoli played well above average at the conclusion of last season, with our talented defense he will just have to hold down the fort until Zach is ready. Matthews is also going into his 2nd season, he may be the most talented passer on the team, he just needs more experience. I'm a little worried about the kicking situation, but I'm sure Austin has something up his sleeve, and I'm sure Winnipeg overpaid for Medlock.

Our approach is much like New England, constantly developing younger, cheaper talent and letting the older overpaid players walk. We have drafted well and have a lot of Canadian depth, and our next man up philosophy has worked well. We will most definitely be one of the most competitive teams in the league, and if we can stay healthy we'll be the favourites to win the east.

Dear Ticats1999,

Welcome to this site.

I like your attitude and outlook. Like you, I have confidence in our coach and management, and look forward to the coming season.

and I'm sure Austin is looking ahead to who he has to re-sign next off-season, which includes Zach and Simoni. both these guys will demand and deserve raises. there's always so many moving parts he has to consider.

You know, I remember when Sinkfield came over to Hamilton and showboated away what should have been TD run against Toronto.

On the 'fifth-quarter' the host and the phone-ins were livid and universal in condemning Sinkfield and Austin. If fact, about the only guy who had Sinkfield's back was Austin. Seemed to think then that Sinkfield had some potential and although a bit young and raw would be an asset to the Cats. Turned out to be pretty accurate, I think.

I too am concerned to see us lose so many starters and good subs, especially to Toronto. But I think Austin and staff are good judges of football talent, and effective at bringing it out. I still feel we were only one 'near interception' or perhaps one missed tackle away from three consecutive appearances in the Grey Cup. If this year is a rebuilder to put us back to that level, I'm willing to wait.

Agree with you Ticats1999. Also worth noting is the fact that the team was VERY deep in talent on the DL which was a good thing because the injury bug bit early (Bulcke, Gaydosh, Norwood also out early) I wonder if some of these players would have been with the team for the whole season if they hadn't had those early key injuries. Also, in the first two years, (stated this on another thread a while back) Austin pretty much rebuilt the team, especially the defense which led to so many of the D players all hitting free agency at the same time, partly because most entry level contracts are now 2 years instead of three. IMO they have kept the key players and will find others (or already have them waiting in the "wings") to replace those who have departed to other teams. They also have this year's draft to help build up the national depth and replace the few Canadians who moved on.

First time poster here.

I have complete confidence in Austin and Co. and I think I know what they're doing. They seem to be following the philosophies of highly successful teams such as the Blackhawks in hockey and Patriots in football, both of whom have to live in a salary cap world like the Ticats. For both of these teams, the philosophy always seems to be:

1)keep your core players at any cost;


2)do not overpay for supporting players.

Look at the Blackhawks (we'll get to the Cats in a second)... they have a core of Toews, Kane, Hossa, and Keith. You know they will do anything to keep this core in tact for as long as possible (they've even locked up Toews and Kane for like a gazillion years). But supporting players like Brandon Saad they can easily part with, because as good as he is, he can be replaced at a cheaper price with someone just as good (like Artemi Panarin).

This is what the Cats seem to be doing. I think they're keeping their core of 4-5 elite players like Collaros, Laurent, Lawrence, Tasker, and Banks, and will pay a high price to do so. These guys are irreplaceable. Guys like Bryan Hall, Justin Hickman, Taylor Reed, and Brian Bulcke are all very good supporting players, but can be replaced and therefore, they will not overpay for them. They will get just as good at a cheaper price through the draft or recruiting.

Just my thoughts.

In Austin I trust.

oskee woot woot, are you Kent Austin? You sure sound like you might be. :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Flattered, but no... I am NOT Kent Austin. :smiley:

8) I think I can give you the ultimate compliment......you're really Stan Bowman !! :lol:
  Kidding aside, you are obviously a Blackhawk fan just like me, and as you said, the Blackhawks are a prime example
   of how to run a championship team in this salary cap era.  

   No team can compare with the Chicago Blackhawks, that's for sure !!!    <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

I sure hope you're right. This move combined with the loss of the
Greatest kicker ever continue to gnaw at me. :cry:

Of course, we have lost Butler now as well. I'm not yet convinced that we have the talent either in our negotiations or remaining on our roster. I await news of signing other new players who can make a difference in the league. :frowning: