Justin Hickman anyone?

It may be time to bring in Hickman for our d line

There is NOTHING that can save our o line

If possible, sign Hickman. Norwood and Boudreau got zero pressure on Durant tonight.

I think we need some O linemen :roll:

Austin would never sign him it's before his Tenure it all about his stamp on this Organization you can take that to the Bank They would never sign him now with this regime no way :roll:

ok well how about a proven Keron Williams!!

I'm all good giving both Norwood and Bordeaux some time but there was not even any QB pressures all game!

Norwood had a sack and Boudreaux would have had one too if not for a PAINFULLY obvious missed holding call.

Smokey no "it maybe time" IT IS TIME buddy.

Ummmm... Justin Medlock?

If getting rid of an aging linebacker and a 40 year old QB is his stamp, i'll take it.
If Hickman is available and willing to come back at a fair price, id bet KA goes for it.