Justin Hickman ad

Why would the Ti-Cats use his image for the front page of ticats.ca to sell christmas ticket packages when he is a free agent and probably won't be here for those games?????

Ha! That was my initial reaction too when I first saw the ad.

Was thinking why not, Stala, Cobourne, Johnson, Dyakowski, Williams or Williams.

Who says he won't be here for the games? He has said clearly that unless he is sure he makes a roster he doesn't plan to leave. I believe him.

In other words, if an NFL team is willing to give him a signing bonus then he’ll bolt. If not, he’ll stay.

I fully expect Hick to try the NFL, unfortunately for us.

Under the new NFL CBA the TOTAL allowance for signing bonuses of undrafted free agents is 75,000 (ie CFL players). Not quite as lucrative as it once was. Hickman wants to at least have a chance to start. I can’t see Hickman playing LB like McIntyre and he’s much smaller than an NFL dlineman. I hope he stays, but if he can get paid more to play in the NFL good for him.