Justin Goltz to start on Labour day

Listen," bozo and IQ 51", both your teams received half a mil. last year each last year from the league to help with so-called "marketing",or did you forget ? THINK about that the next time you want to criticize another team and keep your mouths shut!

At least the fans care in Winnipeg, Toronto and Hamilton can't say the same. As for the QB'S Goltz is starting due to injuries to Buck and Hall. Area 51 should follow the CFL a bit closer and he would have known that !

... and that has what to do with the QBs, exactly?

Telling fans they can't talk about players because their city doesn't have enough fans is absurd.

Who are you ? Defender of the clowns... and YOUR post has what to do with the QBs, exactly?

Easy there Dan. . . this isn't the Winnipeg forum, which is or should be a safe haven, this is the general CFL forum. All fans of whatever team are allowed to post whatever they think of any team; if happens to be a negative post about Winnipeg's quarterbacks, that's the poster's opinion and he's entitled to it, just as you are entitled to disagree with it (if you do; I happen to think you don't really, I think we all recognize that Winnipeg's QB situation is a royal mess).

But trying to rebut a shot at Winnipeg's QBs by referring to money given to other teams is apples and oranges. "You're drunk. . . well you're fat and ugly". . . no relation to each other at all.

But I'll be sober in the morning.........Go ahead and criticize the Bombers. If posters have a right do it with condescending immature ramblings, then I have a right to put down those ramblings.I am well aware of the QB situation. I don't agree with the childish 3 Stooges comparisons. Humour level- grade 2... Those in glass houses....

So the best you can come up with to respond to A51s crap post is the equivalent of "oh yeah, we'll your face!"


Well, at least you acknowledge it's a crap post. I wasn't going to reply to such an inane post, but I'm just tired of it, I guess...Tridus and MJ, you both have my respect as posters, but I will defend the Bombers when I feel it necessary. Cheers

Oh yeah, that post was terrible. :slight_smile: Not defending A51, but I just don't think it's right to attack a fan of a team that doesn't have enough fans by going after the lack of fans.

Been a tough year for you guys in Winnipeg, so I understand how it can get frustrating when someone talks trash (I'm a Leafs fan, so I get it :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Cheers. :slight_smile: