Justin Goltz future

The Bombers have resigned the forgotten QB in Winnipeg Justin Goltz. Goltz has spent the better part of the last three seasons as the forgotten 4th QB for the Bombers. Winnipeg seems to be very high on him but after three seasons he will need to prove he belongs by making a series bid at the #2 spot for the BBs or at least a very strong #3 as they sort through the QB situation.

Yes, this is a big opportunity for him. Neither Elliott nor Brink seized the day in 2012 when they could have done. We still have to see what trades or FA signings Mack will produce after being so quiet last year. We're re-signing players from an unsuccessful squad, which doesn't mean they can't be successful in the future with better coaching and scheming, but the QB position is still a huge question.

If the Bombers do indeed decide to clear house at QB Goltz could most likely be the last man standing. He most likely would not jump into the starters role but could seal up the number two spot going into camp. As a top division III player QB in the NCAA the Bombers have been quietly bringing him along slowly something that teams may final recognize is what needs to be done with CIS QBs. The Bombers could likley be the best destination for Reilly after all with a strong stable of RBs and talented receivers. While Edmonton could be a better destination for McPherson with Nichols in the mix and Masoli at number 3.

....What's not to like about Goltz....Big guy who can throw, run, think fast on his feet...There's a reason he's been kept on the roster...I'm going to get a 'little' bold here and say that he probably has the most potential of any of our current qb's...Can we develop this guy into a starter????? Given time,we may just do that :wink:

Looks like Goltz will take Brinks' spot. Can't see the Bombers giving up on Elliot just yet. After all the guy had 2 Offensive player of the week awards. Has to be something there that is worth at least one more look. He was a rookie starter, with tons of uncertainty around that position week in and week out and he still put up 2 offensive awards. IMO Elliot gets one more crack at it, Pierce Hangs around somewhere on the depth chart with Goltz, and Brink is gonzoe. Can't see Bombers going after Reily or Mitchell, when Elliot is at least as capable, and has proven a bunch more than those two have.

I would agree but we may be in the minority here about Elliot. If you sift through a mess of uncertainty with the QB position he did grab two O player of the week awards with an offense built toward Buck Pierce. The Bombers have a lot of weapons on offense locked in for next season two seasons. Chad Simpson has arisen as a top back after playing return man and back up for the glory colts teams. Will Ford has proven to be a quality back up and we will see what Garrett has after a short stint of success before injury ended his season. NI Carl Volney who has also battled injury could also be a weapon at Tailback that will be able to easisly get onto the game day roster as a non import. cory watson had a breakout season as a big NI slot back in 2011 but battled injuries in 2011 has just signed an extention and a great number three receiver to Super rookie Chris Mattews is a big target at WR along with veteran slot Trent edwards over 1,000 yards again this season making it 5 out of 6 years. Will need to get an offensive line in place. Giving Elliot the keys to the car as the #1 to start camp could make all the difference in the world. A lot of talent in the DB and LB crew. In a lineman draft the Bombers could get instant help on both sides of the line.

Depending on how you feel about Gary Lawless, he claimed in one column that Burke wasn't happy with Elliott's work ethic. He claims Burke thinks Elliott is lazy when it comes to film study and in some other areas that I can't remember off the top of my head. Burke also did use the words "turnover machine" when talking about Elliott after one game. Burke has said he likes Goltz and thinks he has the tools to be a good CFL QB. What happens with Brink and Elliott is anyone's guess right now and may depend on whether the Bombers go after one of the FA QBs who may be available.

To that end that would be a coaches decision and if he does not like Elliot as part of his system then he will need to get rid of him but bring in someone comparable in talent, they do not want to end up with nobody like what happened in Edmonton or perhaps Elliot just got caught up with the lack of discipline that was rumored in Winnipeg but out of everyone he did show that he does have what it takes. Consistancy is the key but nothing in Winnipeg was consistant last year. Elliot could have also been fed up with the Carousel that kept coming back to Pierce and may be a much different QB knowing that he will come to camp as #1 with his to lose instead of being a piece of duck tape when pierce was out of the line up.

If that is in anyway true then Elliott should not be back at all IMO. The three or four QBs the bombers carry should all be guys that come to camp and don't care where they are on the depth chart at the start of camp but will do everything possible to be #1 once camp ends, and if not then being prepared week in and week out to jump in there and prove he should be the starter if an opportunity arises. With Buck missing so many games last year the door was wide open for him to take that job and give the bombers no reason to look back to Buck. He was given ample opportunity, and while he had tantalizing moments in a couple of good starts, those were overshadowed by inconsistency and multiple turnover games and a multigame streak with no offensive TDs. There's no way he should be brought back unless his attitude is that he will prepare as if he's a starter week in and week out on and off the field regardless of where he is on the depth chart. If he can't do that or he has shown he's not willing to do that then show him the door.

To that end, I find it hard to take anything Lawless says at face value, however I did read previously there were rumblings the bombers were shopping Elliott, which if true give Lawless' claims some merit. I find it odd though that if Burke felt that way truly why would he continue to use Elliott as Buck's back up and starter if he felt he wasn't preparing properly week in and week out. The only one I think that should feel safe about coming into camp right now is Goltz after his new deal. Things have been pretty quiet on Elliott and Brink in terms of direct comments from the bombers and not just heresay and at least one or both could be purged in favour of new blood before camp opens. As for Buck, they've praised him some in the media but otherwise been non committal as to what his status is going into next season so he's not assured of anything at this point I would imagine.

Goltz most likely is the only QB in Winnipeg whose job is safe. A third team QB with the possibility of earning the number 2 spot. I think that Elliot would rise to the occasion if he knew that he has a real possibility of being a starter. The last three season's he and Brink knew no matter how well they played that when Buck comes back he will start. It may be time just t cut Buck loose so there is no question that if you play up to the starting spot that you will get it.

........I think that a QB., who was given the opportunity to show the coaches/management and fans what skills he has, better make the most of it and not worry about another qb. sitting on the bench who is injured...You only become a starter IF you can show that you're worthy... Personally,I don't see a starter in our current bunch, except for Pierce and he is oft times injured..I'll give Goltz some slack because he really hasn't seen any quality playing time as Elliott and Brink have had.....We'll be bringing in someone else come training camp, mark my words...Who that'll be is the biggest question facing the Bomber brass at the moment.We'll see... :roll:

Elliott should not rise to the occasion if there is a possibility he can be a starter. He should rise to the occasion whenever there is a ball in his hand. He should be mentally and physically ready to rise to the occasion every time he puts on a blue and gold jersey. That's not on Elliott alone, that should hold true for every player on the roster.

You are absolutely right both Brink and Elliot were given a shot to make it a QB controversy but instead chose to take the low road and just be complacent in taking the wrong approach by not trying to prove the organization wrong that they give the Bombers the best chance to win an not Pierce. However, Elliot was offensive player of the week twice and hung in and almost pulled off the upset over BC. I dont think that anyone is giving him credit for that even at the time the organization still could only talk of Pierce Just a messy situation but there are so few options within the CFL right now. It is a worse situation then in Edmonton. All of the Bombers QBs seem to be tainted now with the exception of Goltz who is not a starter and may never will be. One thing for sure I think is thatit is time for Buck to move on as he has also had his chance and even when he was healthy enough to play during an import 2 half stretch of the 2011 season he did not really step up and the Bombers backed their way into the Cup

They do see a certain element in Goltz in that he is athletic and a good study. Having said that, this year's QB situation is very different than last year's.
The center of attention has shifted from a LaPolice led offense concentrating on Buck, to a Crowton based offense with an as yet featured QB. It's interesting to see the focus mgmt. now has going forward and as each day passes more info. reaches the decision makers as to QBs down south and potential FAs. Our questions will not be answered in short order but over a period of time.
And I do think many fans are too harsh on our backups as it can never be easy to always have to wait in the background and not be the focus of an offensive scheme. Developing QBs is never easy and when you go through a year like our's last year, it can only be harder. Each of our QBs have shown something....unfortunately, time has run out for one or two of them.


This was posted over on the ourbombers.com forum, thought it would fit in well with our discussion:


Couple of interesting tidbits - Goltz is getting some tutelage from former NY jets QB Ken O'Brien. Also I like to see stuff like this about QBs we have, this one quoting Chris Matthews:

Goltz did not complete a pass to Matthews this year, but the receiver said Goltz went about his business the right way.

“He did a great job of keeping his composure and using the role to his advantage of soaking up everything and learning from all the coaches and quarterbacks.?

Goltz coming out of DIII has done everyting so far needed to climb the latter. Some DII guys have seen success as starters but will he simply be talented enough to be a starter in the CFL will be the question. hopefully Brad sinopoli has also finaly opened the door to give CIS QBs a chance to work their way up the latter for a chance. The Canadian football player as a whole has gotten so much better over the past decade and the CIS play has gotten so much better level of play over that same period of time. With the NFL not being able to find enough QBS to start holding a spot for a CIS QB to groom would be a talent pool that the NFL will not show any interest in for quite a while so not only will teams be getting a QB with a good possibility to become a starter or a top back up but will have a QB that will want to be in the CFL. Too many times teams in the CFL have brought in talented QBs but just did not have the interest