Justin Dunk: Als Players told Popp is Out as HC

Dunk says players were told this after the game yesterday and that Jim Popp was given the game ball.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/09/17/alouettes-players-told-popp-head-coach/]http://3downnation.com/2016/09/17/aloue ... ead-coach/[/url]

-Jim Popp himself is saying he has not.

-Als are saying nothing has been decided.

According to Rick Moffat, Popp plans to return as HC following the bye week. Moffat also says the game ball thing was not a parting gesture.

Classic message handling by the Als.

And nice to know the coaches don't think they should use the extra week to work on things.

From Gary Lawless:

“Jim Popp has not stepped down as head coach of the Alouettes nor has he indicated to the staff that that is coming,? (Kavis) Reed told TSN. “I’m flabbergasted and disappointed that inference has been drawn from me giving Jim the game ball after the tough loss in Hamilton.?

“Jim has done everything in his power to keep this team focused and to try and get wins for this organization. Jim is dedicated and loyal to the Alouettes and [owner Bob] Wetenhall. Jim has had some family issues this week that he wanted kept private. I know what he went through this week and that’s why I gave him the game ball. I’m sorry that my actions, which were meant to be supportive of Jim, have come out in this negative way.?

Asked if he had been approached to take over for Popp as interim head coach, Reed once again strongly shot down any notion of Popp stepping down.

“Absolutely not. I am loyal to Jim and the organization and I think Jim is the best guy to get us through this.?

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/reed-denies-reports-popp-stepping-down-as-als-head-coach-1.568825]http://www.tsn.ca/reed-denies-reports-p ... h-1.568825[/url]

What a fudgin circus! :thdn: :roll:

I’ll wait until players come out publicly to support Dunk, or Popp actually leaves, to label this as reflecting poorly on the Als.

Well when there is no leadership, the kids take over the daycare, the book keeping and the bar.

[url=http://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/football/2016/09/16/002-popp-beaulieu-critique.shtml]http://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/footb ... ique.shtml[/url]

Nice to know that the Special Teams Coordinator now seems to be the spokesman for the Als. And giving the news to a Winnipeg reporter.

Just FYI....Reed had a reputation in Edmonton of being a " leak machine" and being a bit of a guy who always knew where his bread was buttered.

We all know that. He let Tillman trade his QB under his feet and when Tillman was gone changed his tune. The whole CFL fan base knows Kavis is a marshmellow.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

Following Friday’s game (Kavis) Reed, the Als’ special teams co-ordinator and an assistant head coach, presented (Jim) Popp with the game ball, announcing to the players Popp had coached with a heavy heart. Reed didn’t provide details, although one of Popp’s sons was involved in an automobile accident last week.

“I just can’t in any way, as I recount the statement, fathom how someone could extrapolate that he wasn’t returning. I’m just dumbfounded,? Reed said. “Nothing has ever been said about him not returning — or intimated to me. That’s what’s perplexing about this whole story. I was trying to do something nice. I was trying to be supportive of the head coach. I never stopped to think that it would be misconstrued.

“When a person loses their integrity, they have nothing left. I would never lie to you,? Reed continued, with emphasis. “I might say I have no comment, but I would never lie to you.?

Two players contacted by the Montreal Gazette have confirmed Reed’s version; nothing was said about Popp not returning.

Reed’s comments notwithstanding, Als players found the timing of the presentation curious at best, coming following a defeat.

“A weird game-ball presentation that leads me to believe Popp won’t be back after the bye week,? said one. Texted another: “A lot of the guys were speculating afterward it was more of a set up for them to say Jim’s going to stay in N.C. for a little and continue his duties as GM from there and Kavis will take over as head coach for the rest of the year.?

Also, one of Popp’s family members travelled to the game, stood outside the dressing room and filmed his post-game scrum on her phone.

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/popps-game-ball-fuels-speculation-of-imminent-coaching-change]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... ing-change[/url]

Good lord…how obvious. How do you spell orchestration??
Goodbye Popp
Hello Reed.

BY “this” I meant specifically the Dunk report, nothing e;lse. Totally acknowledge all the problems the Als face.

Popp goes the weasel . . . .

anyways Popp has to stay on as GM to keep taking a pay packet from the Wettenhall corporation. . . . .

either that or the Nightmare Scenario is invoked.....

Brendan Taman and his napkin dispenser coming to Montreal and bringing Corey Chamblin with him as head coach.

That's NOT performance!

You on Meth?

Well, if I was still livin’ in Sask’n I’d be on methane - official smell of the riders!

[i]Yup! He’s on something alright. :lol:

No harm meant, but Lyle is the biggest weirdo on these forums! Johnny gets a kick out of reading his stuff. [/i]

Gary Lawless:

All things point to Montreal Alouettes announcing today (Monday) that Jim Popp will not continue as HC for the rest of this season.

...Guess Dunk had it right....and about time....Popp was never a head coach and should have stayed in his comfort zone...one of which might not be that comfortable any more. :roll:

Wow … someone predicted what was predicted by others on here weeks ago … that the Als would go “interim coach” over the bye week. I have read nothing about any players confirming ANYTHING was said after the game and … opps Reed is not the Interim HC.

But I am HARDLY supporting JP as a coach. But my fear is that Als are talking full, open search but have already decided on next season’s staff from “the best of what we got”.

They should remember that the two winningest head coaches we’ve had since our return to the league have been outside hires (Matthews and Trestman). I don’t know where this obsession with internal candidates came from, and I’m not saying that an internal candidate is necessarily a bad choice, but why should we limit ourselves to internals only? That’s not how you run professional, diligent job searches.