Justin Cox charged with assault

Well this sucks . Just found out on Riderfans.com https://twitter.com/hashtag/Riders?src=hash

Yeah…saw something on Twitter on this. Sounds domestic and iirc he has had past issues. If anything sticks the guy has to go. Would hate to lose him…he is a great player but sounds to be a dick. Gotta evolve from past mistakes

And gone...already released.

Had to be done

Huge blow to the D

Hope he gets his sh** together

Had the potential to be one of the best in the game and potential land in the NFL IMO

Yup a very bright spot on the defense last year and now this. Not cool.


Cox was found innocent today with the judge commenting that there was nothing that would indicate guilt.

From people that have talked I felt he likely was guilty...but the court has said no and what has come out on it all is pretty interesting.

This is why he should have been suspended, not released...a guilty verdict was handed down by the league before the truth may have come out. If he is found not guilty then he was really terminated without just cause IMO. Yes, I know no CFL contract is guaranteed...but it was pretty straight forward this is why he was released and I would have to think that if someone in this situation did seek legal action they would probably look favorably in court.

Who knows the full truth here, but it is sounding like he tried to walk away from a bad situation and his lady jumped on him trying to stop him and he pushed her off to try to leave and she took a nasty fall. Is that actually true...who knows...but not guilty is not guilty and I don't see how the league could uphold anything.

Very interesting situation. Sounded pretty guilty from the start...but he was adamant and vocal as all hell that he was not and could have just as easily went home but stuck around to fight this...gotta say maybe he legitimately is not guilty and it was just a crappy outcome to a bad situation.

So can the league still stop him from signing with a team?

As of this moment he is banned from the CFL…but if he was found not guilty I don’t see how they could uphold that. Apparently his lawyer is going to discuss it with the CFL. Pretty interesting.

I'm no lawyer but this rule seems so wrong it must want to make an athlete want to puke, and it probably does. All it could take is an evening with your live-in gal on the wrong time of the month with a couple drinks , and a athlete gets caught looking 2 tables down at a hottie wearing a nice blouse. The date gets all emotional and upset believing your already having an affair just because you took a glance, but in the process of trying to explain your Innocents you touch her shoulder to regain her attention, but she claims assault in her out of control stupor because you did put your hands on her. The police officer walks in just as he hears her emotionally screaming and hollering assault. The police officer recognizes the popular athlete and takes matters to the next level and convinces the distressed girlfriend that pressing charges is in her best interest. In all reality the athlete is completely innocent but through the whole process is jobless and now carries a resume that still carries some gray areas. And we all know how the media loves to embellish those gray areas. And that popular athlete pretty much had his career destroyed by some misunderstanding, an over-ambitious cop and an unpolished ruling. Now I'm not defending domestic violence but I am saying that shit can sometimes spiral, as can a misunderstanding, but the looser here is the athlete's career unless somehow innocent till proven guilty can be paragraphed into the rule. And there is always going to be that exception where an innocent was falsely accused purposely. Never say never.

The police don't need someone to lay charges, they can do that all on their own.

What about Tillman' code of ethics that was brought in,? Or is that not on effect with a knew regime ? Just a question. ?

Sure it could happen this way but if the police also recognize this athlete it can go the other way too. Is Cox innoncent? Hard to say as we were not there, now he was not found guilty which is not the same thing its just that the crown did not show enough to have the charges stick. Big difference there.

What about it? They acted on an accusation.

Now that accusation (true or not) is not holding up in court. So it raises the question of do you reevaluate based on the court findings or do you say it is the past and we have moved on. If ET had fought it and been found not guilty would people still have wanted him gone?

Based purely on what has been made public this goes beyond simply not enough to be found guilty, the crown seemed to have little to nothing. I mean there was a 3rd party witness who says he never hit her and she is saying the same thing. Of course they could be covering his arse, but the evidence and testimony presented is all one can go by, not here say, and nothing made public substantiated guilt at all. Toxic relationship both ways, definitely seems so.

Jones said Cox will not be back with the Riders

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/05/30/justin-cox-wont-return-riders-says-chris-jones/]http://3downnation.com/2017/05/30/justi ... ris-jones/[/url]

This is a bit surprising to me as I thought for sure he would be back. Now I have to say Jones must have in his opinion some very good reason on not bringing Justin back and I can respect him for that. It would have been pretty easy to say no harm no foul and get a good player back on the team but again Jones has his reasons for not doing so. This is one time I can say I'm proud of Jones for not taking the easy route.

Hmm now this may shed some light on the reason. https://twitter.com/tammyrobert


End of story.

Yeah...additional "events" make it an easy decision...and good in Jones for being clear that he is the past either way

Sad to hear that Justin just hasn't learned that violence is not the answer. http://www.reginapolice.ca/2017/09/male-charged-in-domestic-conflict-and-weapons-offence/

A 24 year-old Regina male is facing charges in connection with two separate incidents on August 30, 2017: one of which is an incident of domestic conflict. The other incident involved an assault with a weapon, involving an employee of a Regina business.
On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at about 6:15 p.m., police received a report of a female victim in hospital, who was the apparent victim of a physical assault. A person who assisted the victim reported that he was driving on 10th Avenue when he observed a male and female in a physical altercation. The female jumped into the witness’s vehicle and the male tried to do the same but was unsuccessful. The witness drove the 23 year-old victim to hospital for treatment of her injuries and called police. The suspect and the victim are known to each other. Officers arrested the suspect at about 8:24 p.m. in front of a residence in the 900 block of Stanley Street. The 24 year-old male was charged and held for court the following morning.
Also on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at about 7:04 p.m., the Regina Police Service Communications Centre received a call from a female employee of a business located in the 1600 block Albert Street. The woman indicated a male had entered her place of business about a half hour earlier, asking to use a phone, claiming he’d been robbed. When the woman offered to contact police, the male declined. He accepted some water and left, but then returned to claim a hat he’d left behind. The employee alleged the male pointed a firearm at her before retrieving his hat and leaving. The victim gave police a suspect description. Police were able to confirm the male who entered the business on Albert Street matched the description of the male alleged to have been involved in the physical assault. The same male was charged in connection with this incident as well.
Twenty-four year-old Justin Jemar COX, DOB: 1992-12-09, of Regina, is charged with Assault Causing Bodily Harm [267(b) CC] and first appeared in Provincial Court on this charge at 2:00 p.m. on August 31, 2017. He is also charged with Assault with a Weapon [267(a) CC]. COX made his first court appearance on this charge at 9:30 a.m. on September 1, 2017.

What a waste of talent and of course the terrible suffering that he caused those he has been involved with. Unfortunately I feel that he needs to do some hard time and again it's too bad that he didn't take advantage of the huge break he got in the early Spring and get help. Now that option is more then likely gone and the only help he will be getting will probably be behind bars.

Really makes you wonder how he avoided it the last time and now someone is hospitalized because of his temper. Such a sad situation for all involved.