Justice is served!

Well, well, well, it appears there is justice in the form of the CFL after all!...while Montreal stumbled over their own two feet most of the game, which was the first reason the 'Greenies' were leading, they hung in there til the end...Even when the refs tried to give the Greenies calls to help them(interference in the endzone that was NOT called and that catch reviewed at the end, and not called a catch, hello?), Montreal continued to push harder and harder...outscoring the Riders 25-10 in the second half to pull off a deserved win! and before you say a word, the refs owed us one at least but it wasn't montreal's fault the greenies had 13 men on the feild...so wtg Montreal!...

Hello nothing. It was ruled incomplete, and there wasn't conclusive evidence to overturn it, and before someone comes out with a homer call, I was cheering for the Als.

We need smiles that flash the words Troll... seriously

I'm a huge Rider fan but there's no way they rule that review a catch. There was nothing conclusive as it was ruled incomplete on the field.

The pass interference at best cancels out a sure Stevie Baggs pick on the tipped passed where he was tackled. Overall the officiating was good and did not determine the outcome.

I was cheering on the Als, and I even thought that the ball hit the ground, it was no catch, and I agree the video shows nothing otherwise, its inconclusive.

The difference is the Als still got the job done, it was a great Grey Cup

Calgarian69 your just being an ass......The only real bag call in the whole game was the non interference call on the two point conversion. Montreal didn't play a full 60 minutes but deserved to win. Great finish. Congrats Montreal...

the entire ending was justice, especially bagg getting jacked up and injured by my homeboy chip cox, bagg getting injured was karma for all those cocky rider fans annointing themselves as champs.

Yes...because an otherwise classy player getting injured is always justice for a few fans who beak off... :roll:

Now there's a classy comment...

The bigger missed call was the interference on Baggs. Had the riders intercepted then, which Baggs was doing, they would have been in field position to score at least a field goal let alone a touchdown which would have sealed the deal. Big missed call more so than the one some posters are claiming in the end zone.


Your either very drunk or as sick man wishing an injury to befall any football player no matter what team they are on.