just wondering

You'll please notice that not once did I allude to private messages, KK.....that's kinda your "thing".....posting irrelevant cartoons, I mean.....

whatever, I don't care

That was a good show though, but Freakazoid was better.

ok, getting off topic, ignore me people, nothing to see here.

I would just leave it a irrelevant posts in general. The Cartoons are just one subcatagory, of which there are many.

…KK, you do realize I could go and wipe out 5,000 of your old old posts and drop you to some obscure level…

really? why don't you just ban me?

and you and others always say I'm on here to rank up my post #s, now I pay along, and your like, oh BTW I can wipe out all your posts by pressing a single button.,???

let me ask you this, RW, were you on the old huddle or were you not? and didn't I talk just as much as I did on the old huddle?

It was annoying then.... some things never change