just wondering

for those who dont know im a bomber fan........and to me it really seems like any chance someone gets they bash the bombers. i was just wondering what it is that everybody hates about the bluebombers?

One one poster bashing the Bombers!
Only one poster bashing Riders!

Both Are like broken records

I'm barly bashing the Riders, and only cuz of Sambo.

Personally, athough they wanted untill the D daft to do it, I think the Riders will be good this season, and will make either 3nd or 2nd in the West.

Saskargo will finsh them off for me.

team tha we all hate according to rank the teams, is EE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bash them cause a lot seem to think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I hope the bombers are competitive and make the season interesting, it will be fun to follow the upcoming CFL season, how about that?

a lot, who do you mean??????????????

I think you are talking about your own team again.

I can tell you it is no fun being in last place. Bomber fans have every right to be excited with the changes on their team. Will they be successful who knows. But at least they can be excited. Everyteam will be one bad injury to a key player from going down in the standings. So as of now all teams are number 1!

And Sask fans dont?

Well if you have been reading my posts about the Riders, I dont think they will have a great season. Lets hope that all the games are exciting and close and lets how much parity there is in the CFL.

Maybe you dont but many Rider fans do

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5400&sid=dcf5020e6378ec048f07e920e3635e6d]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... 20e3635e6d[/url]

this is only one thread

Oh ro, give me a break. You know Turkeybend is being completely tounge in Cheek.

It was the easiest one to find! :wink:

Billy is that not beek to wing!

ughhhhhhhhh........turkey.......he s a gobbler............

If you go around to various sites, you will see a ton of bashing going on....not just about the bombers or riders but others as well (i.e.-- crygary stadium on the esks site), Im sure if you go to the various sites james, that its just not the bombers getting bashed

Kanga the purpose of that post is what?
invrease the tally?

....I agree, that was useless KK.......

To quote ro, from another thread

"what else is new?"

Feel privileged that he's not posting obscure links to cartoons.....like The Tick, for instance.....

so much for PRIVATE messages, whatever.

yes, that was to add to my tally, cuz I thought that was funny, this post is to add to my tally as well

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