Just wondering if this is right

After the rider game and the multitude of topics being discussed, Calagry Coach John made a comment that stuck in my mind with the Huh, is that right. Seems Tom Higgins called him and asked him, did he consider for the 2 point convert. Seeing this game was full of what could be consider questionable calls, is that right? What the heck is the guy reviewing games doing talking to a coach about tactics. Something does not smell right here. As for the rule with Burris being on the ground and you can only touch him. There has been a million missed calls this year then, if players attempting to get up, get a roughing call called, if they are hit. It's tacke football not touch football. It happens all the time, Nice cover up job is all this was for a blown call that could cost a franchise a home playoff game.

I don't know what any of that is about... Smells rotten. But I definitely agree that there has been some bad officiating this year. I don't understand why either. There is still the core group of good officials who have been around for quite a while, but they can't seem to get their crap together for some reason. I know there have been a few minor rule changes & the review process has changed, but that should be no excuse. If I did my job that poorly I would be fired.


The Calgary coach made the statement about talking with Higgins. I do not believe Higgins should be talking with anyone about a game that is a coach or a player. This person is suppose to impartial. Pretty hard to believe that when the coach says, Tom called me and asked if I considered the two point convert.

I realize referees is a thanksless job but it is a job. I watch football to watch the players not them. First nine plays, 8 penalties or something close to that. Sure they may have all been valid but reality is, holding could be called on every play if they really wanted to do it when the two lines collide. Let them play and let them decide a game. Refs are needed but not to the extent of being the game decision makers. They most certain had a big part it the final decision between Calgary and the Riders. Too bad as they took a classic CFL game and made it into a classic bad referred game.

No question holding should only be called when it's extremely flagrant otherwise no way.

right, and one should only get a speeding ticket if one is going twice the limit

So uh, I guess Rider fans are still bitter?

…so I guess Tom Higgins shouldn’t read a newpaper, listen to a radio, or heck even be married lest his wife whispers subliminal thoughts to him in his sleep…so what if Tom and John shared a post game phone call (a claim btw you haven’t substantiated with any backup mind you), they know each other from years and years of playing and coaching etc., what is the harm?..

…the media here asked Huf the same question, and Huf said the same thing, didn’t even enter his mind with so much riding ont he line…

It wouldn't surprise me if all CFL head coaches have off-the-record conversations with Higgins on a regular basis after games to air grievances and/or get the official take on questionable calls.

Now if that is true...

Since Hufnagel and Higgins coached together in Calgary in the early 90's, it wouldn't surprise me if their post-game talks were a little friendlier than other conversations.

I really don't see the big deal. I think it's just two football guys talking about a play. Even if Higgins was trying to give advice or something, who cares ... it'd be Huff's decision whether or not to take it ...

No big deal, it took place after the game, if Hiigins asks Hufnagel if he considered it, so what.

The call for roughing Burris.

He could've scrambled up (which he undoubtedly would have) and ran for lots!

SK had them beat. The ref decided that game.

I'm not a Rider fan either.

If they talked...who cares as long as it is after the game..........they are friends........